Re-Hauling Kitchen Shelves in College Park 

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If you’re running out of space on your kitchen shelves, or there’s clutter everywhere in your kitchen, it’s time for some changes. For homeowners in College Park, cabinets and cupboards are often built to a default size, without accommodating the unique needs of your space.

It means that homeowners often find themselves piling kitchen ingredients haphazardly, or putting cooking utensils on the counters instead of in drawers. The result is clutter on counters and clutter on shelves. At ShelfGenie of South Atlanta Metro®, we can change that. We redesign and reorganize homes everywhere throughout the area, leaving you with more storage space and more joy in the kitchen.

We make all that happen without the need for a full-scale remodel of the kitchen. Instead, our design experts target the stress points in your cabinets and cupboards, replacing default shelves with brand-new, elegant Glide-Out Shelving®. You’ll get more space and more access to your space, for a kitchen you can truly love.

Our Options For New Kitchen Shelves in College Park

With ShelfGenie of South Atlanta Metro, the options are endless. That’s because we always customize your kitchen redesign with you in mind. Our Glide-Out Shelving can be built to the specific height and dimensions of your indoor storage, with additional features available to make your storage truly shine.

You’ll have your pick of three types of Glide-Out Shelving:

  • Basic
  • Classic
  • Designer

Each choice can be further personalized to your needs and to your available space. We always collaborate closely with you to ensure that any redesign plan is one you’re thrilled with. Our Designers even have 3D imaging software so we can show you a clear view of what your kitchen might look like. We make it easy to get the kitchen you want.

Glide-Out Shelving From ShelfGenie of South Atlanta Metro Built To Last

At ShelfGenie of South Atlanta Metro, we always make sure that your kitchen shelves are built to last. Our shelving is built by hand right here in the southern United States, crafted from sturdy birches and hardwoods. We also have the option of moisture-resistant and scratch-resistant coatings. We’ll even take care of installation, to make sure your shelving is installed right. That’s true no matter where you’re based, such as:

  • College Park
  • Atlanta
  • East

Learn more about our three different styles of kitchen shelves for College Park. To speak to a Designer from ShelfGenie of South Atlanta Metro, you can call (888) 903-8839 at your convenience.

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