Redesigning Your Kitchen Shelves in Atlanta

Kitchen Shelves

At ShelfGenie® of South Atlanta Metro, we ease the many pain points and annoyances that come from a kitchen that isn’t designed for you. We do this by increasing usable storage space, addressing countertop clutter, and incorporating kitchen shelves and customizable design features that work for you.

We never change the outward look or style of your kitchen. Instead, our Glide-Out Shelving® fits cleanly into your cabinetry, perfectly designed to fit the items you store in this space. These classic kitchen shelves live on extendable railing, so you can slide it out and view everything that’s there.

For homeowners in Atlanta, it means you’ll never have to deal with the frustration of straining to access the farthest corners of your cupboards. We bring every part of your kitchen to your level, streamlining the function and accessibility of this space.

Increasing Space and Reach With Kitchen Shelves in South Atlanta

Kitchens are a natural source of clutter, with dishes, dry food ingredients, kitchen gadgets, and cleaning products all vying for space in your cabinets. Most storage spaces simply aren’t designed to neatly fit all these items in, making it even harder to keep everything tidy and organized. Changing the way your storage works can help to restore order and balance this space.

We change your storage by increasing the space and reach within your cupboards and your pantry in Atlanta. When your kitchen storage is built with uniform kitchen shelves, you likely have empty space above jars, teas, and spices that never gets used properly. For homes throughout Atlanta, we take advantage of that space, so you have more room.

Glide-Out Shelving can be built at custom heights to store bigger, bulkier items as well as short, small cooking ingredients. But just as important is making each space accessible. We know that too many cabinet corners stay unused because no one can reach them. With pull out shelving, you can get to everything in your kitchen. We proudly serve:

Kitchen Shelves From Atlanta’s Design Experts: ShelfGenie of South Atlanta Metro

At ShelfGenie of South Atlanta Metro, we come to you. Our Designers are based right here in the metropolitan area, and pay in-home visits in and around the city. We make sure your kitchen shelves match the feel and style of your space, and they improve the way you use your kitchen.

See what your kitchen could look like with more space and brand-new kitchen shelves. To speak to ShelfGenie of South Atlanta Metro about a design consultation, call (888) 903-8839.

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