Plan Your Fall Kitchen Makeover with New Pantry Shelves in Atlanta

Pantry Shelves from ShelfGenie

You want life inside your home to be organized and enjoyable. But one often-cluttered space – the pantry – can prevent this from happening. That’s where ShelfGenie® of South Atlanta Metro can help. With our customizable pantry shelves, we can improve your pantry’s storage capacity by up to 50% while ensuring everything inside is beautifully and precisely organized. You’ll have a pantry that not only feels brand new, but makes cooking and entertaining much more efficient and enjoyable.

Improve Life Inside with Atlanta’s Choice in Pantry Shelves

When you open your pantry, is it a disorganized mess? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners have a hard time keeping this space organized because they use it so frequently to store a wide range of items. However, custom shelves from ShelfGenie of South Atlanta Metro make it easy to improve the efficiency and functionality of your pantry.

Our Glide-Out Shelves® offer increased storage capacity and keep all of your pantry’s contents accessible. Since these shelves are built on rails, they glide right out so you can easily reach everything inside. Instead of searching, stretching, and digging around for hidden items, you can grab what you need and go.

Our team is ready to configure our shelves for whatever size or shape pantry you have. We can work with closet, cabinet, and walk-in pantries, as well as those with unique dimensions. Plus, we offer a variety of storage options and organizational solutions, from double-height shelves and dividers to categories and zones. All the items within your pantry will have a proper home and be easy to find and store when we’re finished with your pantry project.

Call ShelfGenie of South Atlanta Metro for a Free Consultation!

While many home renovation projects are a hassle, revamping your pantry is one way to make a big change without any additional stress. Our convenient process begins with a free at-home consultation to discuss your pain points and explain how we can help. We’ll then create a 3-D rendered plan and schedule a professional contractor to handle the installation of your new shelves, making the experience as seamless as possible.

Get the high-performance pantry shelves you want with help from our team, serving:

  • Atlanta
  • College Park
  • East Atlanta
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

For custom pantry shelves in Atlanta that transform your pantry into a more functional space, call (888) 903-8839 to set up your free in-home design consultation!

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