Pull Out Shelves in Calgary: Everything’s Within Reach

pull out shelves

Having traditional storage in your home can become more difficult as you age. Reaching for items in both high and low cabinets or shelves can be hard on your body and cause frustration. At ShelfGenie® of Southern Alberta, our pull out shelves can make items throughout your Calgary home more accessible.

Increased Access with Our Pull Out Shelves

There are many physical factors that can make reaching items in your home more difficult. Whether you have decreased range of motion or are in a wheelchair, our Glide Out Shelves® can help make your day-to-day life easier.

Increased accessibility is one of the main benefits of our custom shelving. Because our shelves fully extend on their rails, every item is on display and at your fingertips. There are no more hard-to-reach spaces when everything is accessible.

For seniors or those with a disability, there are many downfalls to having conventional storage. Reaching for items on high shelves holds the risk of injury if you have to climb on a stool. Having to unload items to dig into the back of a cabinet, and reaching and straining to access items, can also cause injury. Our custom solutions can help eliminate these risks.

Not only do our shelves create more accessible storage, but they are easy to use. We call them our Glide-Out Shelves® because they can easily be pulled out with a single finger.

The kitchen may be one of the most popular places to incorporate our shelves, but they are perfect for any area of the home. Whether you want to organize your bathroom, home office, or craft room, we have a solution for you.

About Our Pull Out Shelves in Calgary

For nearly 20 years, ShelfGenie has been providing homeowners with customized storage solutions. We proudly construct our products in the USA using quality materials. You can be confident that our products will last you for years to come.

Our pull out shelves are customizable to meet your unique needs. We give you the choice of model, divider, color, and drawer shape options. Because our shelves fit directly into your existing cabinets, you can closely match the design so they look original to your home.

Our most popular models feature moisture and scratch-resistant bottoms, as well as a lifetime warranty on parts and installation. If you are located in the Calgary or Southern Alberta area, turn to us for your custom organizational needs. To learn more about our pull out shelves, call us at (888) 903-8839.

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