Pull Out Shelves in Tallahassee: Taking Stress and Clutter Out of the Kitchen

pull out shelves

At ShelfGenie® of Tallahassee, we know what a joy it is to have a kitchen that’s practical and easy to use. We help homeowners find that joy by re-organizing and re-thinking the space they have. We can incorporate pull out shelves, with a variety of options including dividers and risers, to give you more space and better organization.

3 Pressure Points We Relieve With Pull Out Shelves

If you’re worried about spices falling out anytime you open the cupboard, or you need to move pots around to access your baking trays, your kitchen isn’t working for you. Over time, these areas can become “pressure points” that make your kitchen an unfriendly space.

We can take the pressure off by identifying and addressing these areas. This can allow you to find and reach items more easily. It also makes putting items away faster and less stressful. Here’s a few common places we can address:

  • The pantry. Often, the pantry can be one of the most chaotic spaces in the kitchen. Everything’s in it: baking supplies, dry goods, and even small appliances. We help you sort, categorize, and store items by height and purpose. Short shelves are perfect for teas, canned goods, and jams, while tall shelves work for bulk baking ingredients and small appliances.
  • The cabinets. Kitchen cabinets don’t offer enough separation for you to neatly store and retrieve big items like pots, baking pans, or cutting boards. Often, these items get mixed in together. Our Designers in Tallahassee can create pull out shelves for each type of cookware, with special dividers to keep flat items from falling over.
  • Under the sink. Because of the pipework running under the sink, as well as the position of under-the-sink cabinets, most people strain to reach the back. We can design and install Glide-Out Shelving® that’s fitted around plumbing. Additional compartments and risers offer storage for sponges and varied cleaning tools.

We always consider how you use your kitchen, and what organizing solutions are right for you. It means we can smooth out pressure points, for cooking, cleaning, and baking that’s more intuitive and enjoyable.

Change the look and function of your kitchen with our pull out shelves. All you have to do to get started with ShelfGenie of Tallahassee is call (888) 903-8839 today.

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