Kitchen Shelves in Durham With More Reach and Storage

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Getting more space and more functionality in your kitchen doesn’t have to come with the price tag of a full-scale renovation. Instead, ShelfGenie® of Raleigh can offer more reach and storage for kitchens throughout Durham, by re-configuring the way your kitchen shelves are working.

We don’t make any alterations to your kitchen’s outward appearance. We tackle kitchen storage from the inside, incorporating stylish and custom-fitted Glide-Out Shelves® that extend out for easier access to everything inside your cabinets. It means you won’t have to store items out on the counter anymore, or worry about ingredients falling every time you open the pantry.

It also means more access and a kitchen that’s truly practical, without sacrificing the elegant look of your space.

About Our Options For Kitchen Shelves in Durham

With ShelfGenie of Raleigh, you’ll never have to wonder what your kitchen could’ve looked like. We make it simple to envision all your options, with 3D imaging software that gives you a preview of your new, improved kitchen shelves. Your Designer will work with you to create a customized design plan in Durham that’s deeply attuned to the way you use your kitchen.

We have three stylish options:

  • Basic. These Glide-Out Shelves are built from birch and other premium materials, with add-on features like sloped sides and dividers for greater organization. Comes with a three-year warranty on parts and full installation.
  • Classic. Our Classic shelves are sturdy and long-lasting, with a premium coating that leaves shelves scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant. Comes with a lifetime warranty on parts and installation.   
  • Designer. Elegance meets function with this option, which has a lifetime warranty on installation and parts. Shelves are made with solid hardwood, and we offer four stunning color finishes for you to choose from.

Storage Solutions Throughout The Home With ShelfGenie of Raleigh

Every home has stress points when it comes to indoor storage. Our design team doesn’t stop at replacing your kitchen shelves in Durham. We have innovative storage solutions for every room in your home, increasing the space you have by as much as 50% while offering easy answers to clutter and disorganization.

We take care of everything, starting from free consultations in the comfort of your home in:

  • Durham
  • Wake County
  • Raleigh
  • Cary
  • Wake Forest

Get kitchen shelves that make your space feel as good as new. To schedule a consultation anywhere in Durham or the surrounding area, you can contact ShelfGenie of Raleigh today: (888) 903-8839.

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