Creative ways to update a small kitchen

Thinking about updating your small kitchen without the cost and headache of a complete overhaul? Check out these style-smart ideas to breathe new life into your small space. From simple changes in décor to additional storage solutions, here are a few things you can do to improve your kitchen without making a significant financial investment.


Creative lighting

Outdated or old-fashioned fixtures may not provide adequate light for prep work or match the style of your kitchen. Assess your current situation and think about replacing pendants or overhead lighting for an updated look. New lighting fixtures can have a major impact on the overall look of your kitchen.

Change flooring

Depending on your needs and budget, you may want to consider changing out the flooring in your kitchen for a more modern look. Whether that means refinishing the hardwoods or laying new tile, new flooring will instantly create an updated look, while adding value to your home.

Paint cabinets

One of the most cost-effective ways to change the look of your kitchen is to paint the cabinets. Dark cabinets can make your small space feel confining. Brighten up your cabinets with a fresh coat of white paint, and instantly your area will feel and look bigger.

Update backsplash

An older tile color or pattern can give your kitchen a dated look. If you have money in the budget to put in new tiling, it can transform the space. Simple, clean, subway tile can freshen up the look. If you don’t want to invest in a new backsplash, you can paint your current tile to match your painted cabinets for a simple fix.

Change hardware

Maybe your cabinet pulls, faucet or door knobs need a facelift. New kitchen hardware can make a big difference in completing the look of your room. You can mix metals for an eclectic look or keep it consistent by matching everything.

Glide-out shelving

Functional glide-out shelving can help create new storage solutions in your kitchen or pantry. Glide-out shelving keeps everything within reach and makes it easy to assess what you have and what you might need. This storage solution can help clear the clutter from your small space and keep everything organized.

Open shelving

Upper cabinets can look bulky in a small space. Open shelving can make your area feel more substantial while providing an opportunity to showcase some of your favorite kitchen items. It will also make it easier to access those items you use on a daily basis.

Remember, a punch of color, fresh flowers, and a clean space can also make your small kitchen feel inviting. Accessorize, add a rug, or hang a painting. Cook a special meal, invite friends over and enjoy your kitchen.

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