10 Custom Closet Ideas and Building Hacks

Wooden custom closet for custom closet ideas

Custom closet ideas are a must for anyone looking to maximize their existing closet space.

When it comes to custom closets, there is a place for everything. With the right ideas, every inch of your closet space can serve a purpose. Likewise, an organized home supports an organized life.

Your closet is one of the spaces you visit to start and end your day. Thus, this area should be a sanctuary. Here are 10 custom closet ideas and building hacks you can use for inspiration to transform your closet space into just that. (And if you want a custom closet solution, Closets by ShelfGenie is now available in select markets.)

Custom Closet Ideas and Building Hacks

1. Make Friends With the Height of Your Closet

Custom closet with high shelves.

Do you ever look to the ceiling in your closet and sigh at all that unused storage space? The most effective custom closet designs use every nook and cranny, no matter the height. Place bins on high shelves to store seasonal clothing and accessories. If your closet is over 9 feet tall, install an extra closet pole for items you do not use regularly.

You can even store purses, shoes, photo albums, and other various items on the higher shelves. For sentimental items like baby books, the upper reaches of your closet offer a more hospitable storage space than a musty basement or hot attic.

2. Open Up Your Space With Visibility

Custom closet with display cabinets.

One building hack that will save you time for years to come is visibility. By choosing display cabinets, you can see your wardrobe effortlessly. Not only does this save you time, it makes your closet feel larger and displays your organizational skills.

Other visibility hacks include using wire bins, drawers with glass fronts, and drawer dividers.

3. Choose Furniture With Storage Options

Closet with storage furniture.
When selecting furniture for your custom closet, keep storage in mind. This building hack is so effective there is no construction involved. One idea is to use a mirror that stores accessories to tuck away jewelry.

An ottoman with a removable top is perfect for anything from tennis shoes to beanies and scarves. Adding a vanity with a desk provides a place to apply makeup and store pretty much anything. Take this idea one step further by adding a large island to your custom closet. Not only will this provide extra storage, but it is also the perfect surface for folding clothes or adding a vase of fresh flowers.

4. Warm Things up With a Runner

narrow closet

Next on our list of custom closet ideas and building hacks is adding a cozy runner. This hack is especially useful in narrow, windowless closets that run long. To warm up the space, add a pattern that complements the rest of the closet. This runner is multi-purpose as it also offers extra seating for those hard-to-pull-on boots.

One additional benefit of adding a runner is improved well-being. Cozy spaces are ideal in helping us relax and let go of stress.

5. Embrace the CornersCloset using corner space.

Never let a good corner go to waste, especially in a custom closet. One of the best ways to do this is with custom-built corner shelves. These shelves are ideal for showcasing bags or your favorite pair of heels.

Another way to use corner space is with a corner storage tower. Unlike the previously mentioned corner shelves, tower storage can go all the way from the floor to the ceiling. If you want to use this for concealed storage, add a few cubby boxes.

6. Lighting

Custom closet with chandelier.
Lighting can make or break the look you are putting together for a night out on the town. By installing under cabinet lighting, outfits are easier to pick out and put together. These lights also add a touch of romance to your custom closet space.

Ribbon lighting above your closet rod has a similar romantic effect. This is one way to serve up lighting on both ends of the rod. Your wardrobe becomes more visible, and the illumination lends a new feeling of warmth to the space.

Finally, if you are looking to make a statement, create a striking look by hanging a chandelier.

7. MirrorsLarge closet with mirror.

Treating yourself to a three-paneled mirror is one of our top custom closet ideas. It is no coincidence that these mirrors are so widely used in dressing rooms; they provide the opportunity to view your outfit from every angle. A bonus is that the use of mirrors makes the space feel larger. You can add connected shelving on each side of the mirror for any last-minute necessities like a lint brush.

Another option is to mount door or wall mirrors. Unframed or framed, full-length or not, circular or rectangular, a thoughtfully placed closet mirror with the right lighting takes your custom closet to an entirely new level of class.

8. Enter Outdoor Items
Closet with plant.

Custom closets done right are stunning works of art. That said, they are still indoor. One of the best ways to freshen up an indoor space is with outdoor items.

Of course, beautiful flowers in a lovely vase are the first option that come to mind. This is for good reason, because there is nothing like the sight and smell of fresh flowers every time you enter your closet space. However, if ongoing fresh flowers are within your budget or not, a few indoor plants placed strategically around the room will also do the trick.

9. Behind the Door StoragePensive woman sitting on closet shelf.

Behind the door storage is one of the custom closet ideas that is easy to miss. The storage real estate on the back of your door is prime. Depending on your budget, you can opt for over the door storage or go the mounted route. The latter adds more class to your custom closet.

You can mount shelves, cubbies, or racks to the back of your closet door for added storage. You can store a wide variety of items from shoes to handheld mirrors in this area. Keep the door open while using your closet, and these items will stay out of sight.


10. Deep Drawers

Walk in closet with a lot of drawer

Including deep drawers in your designs helps your closet and bedroom. These drawers provide space for folded shirts, socks, and other items you may store in dressers in your bedroom. They also reduce the amount of furniture in your bedroom and give you more space to relax, though the storage options go well beyond clothes. These drawers are perfect for storing most anything.

Bring Your Custom Closet Ideas to Our Experts

Once you compile your wish list of custom closet ideas, schedule a free design consultation with one of our experts. We offer a wide range of solutions for your custom closet needs. We cannot wait to help you put together the closet of your dreams.

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