Organizational Hacks for an Easy Cooking Experience

Whether you’re an expert chef or a novice in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to have some organization hacks on hand for an easy cooking experience. With a little planning, you can make cooking at home quicker, easier, and more enjoyable. Plus, you might avoid the expensive cycle of taking in and dining out.

Create a weekly menu

Plan out your menu in advance so you can get the ingredients needed on your weekly shopping trip. With everything on hand, you won’t be scrambling to run to the store or skip cooking altogether. Keep extras of your favorite menu ingredients in your pantry so you can make an impromptu meal when necessary.

Keep a running grocery list

Hang it on the fridge or the pantry door, and add to it when you are running low on an ingredient. Buy in bulk when you can to stock up on supplies and save on items you use frequently. If time is an issue, order your groceries online and schedule a pick-up.

Make everything accessible

Store pots and pans on glide-out shelving near your cooking station, organize your utensils in divided drawers and keep spices within reach. Glide-out shelving in your pantry will keep all items in view so you can quickly grab what you need when cooking.

Use counter space wisely

Preserve counter space with an over-the-sink cutting board. Vegetable peels and other foods you are slicing and dicing can be moved into the sink with ease and you’ll avoid the mess on your counter. This will also free up your counter for other cooking tasks.

Label everything

For easy access to spices, grains, and other ingredients, label them. This way you can quickly scan your cabinets or pantry and grab what you need. You can color code or buy different types of labels for various items to take the guesswork out of it.

Store fresh ingredients properly

Plan to buy fresh ingredients more frequently so they don’t spoil. Determine which items need to be refrigerated and which should be room temperature. Store fresh veggies and fruits in bins near your cooking station. Use an herb keeper to keep your favorite herbs fresh and flavorful.

Determine what needs to be done in your kitchen so you can be more organized. Make a plan and stick to it. When everything is accessible, you will find the experience of cooking more enjoyable.

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