Pan and Pot Lid Organizer Solutions

Pot and pan lid organizer

The right pot lid organizer is a must-have for any kitchen, especially a busy one. However, the organization does not need to stop there. It should include pan lids as well. 

Our experts have compiled a list of ways to arrange your pan and pot lids to keep your kitchen organized. At the same time, these tips will reveal often overlooked, valuable storage real estate in your kitchen.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is a place for food, drink, laughter, and family. Let us help you turn that space into the kitchen of your dreams.

Cookware stored in wall cubbies.

Command Hooks

How often do you utilize the back of your cabinet doors for storage? If you are like most people, the answer is anywhere between rarely and never. However, all you need to complete this easy fix is two self-adhesive hooks for each lid, and these easy-to-follow instructions: 

  1. Make sure to measure everything closely so the cabinets still close.
  2. Imagine you are looking at a clock, and mark the hours of 8:00 and 4:00 with a pencil on the back of the cabinet door.
  3. Attach the hooks. 
  4. Now you have a brand new pot lid organizer. 

Pan Organizer Rack

Stacking pans and lids on top of each other is not only a hassle, it is hard on your cookware. In addition, this kind of stacking can lead to avoidable scratching and scuffing that can affect the performance of your equipment. Solve this issue by installing a vertical pan organizer rack in a cabinet.

Pot Rail

You can have a pot rail installed to kill two birds with one stone by creating a behind the rail pot lid organizer. Then, simply slide the pot lids behind the rail with the lids’ knobs facing outward. This keeps them securely in place and easy to grab when needed.

Stainless steel pots and pans with lids.

Kitchen Pegboard as a Pan and Pot Lid Organizer

Like the back of a kitchen cabinet, the kitchen pegboard utilizes valuable unused storage space to keep things orderly and provide easy access to your pans, pots, and lids. Hang one of these boards on your wall, and the possibilities seem endless.

Wall Mount Pot Lid Organizer

These organizers look a lot like office wall file holders, and that is part of the fun. After washing your lids, file them away on this leaning wall rack. Then, the next time you need to retrieve the lid, all you have to do is check the file.

The Backside of Pantry Door

If you have space, use it, right? Either do it on your own or hire someone to build a flat rack on the backside of a pantry door. Depending on how big you go, you can fit dozens of lids in one convenient place hidden from guests.

ShelfGenie Customizable Dividers 

Divider Within Your Drawer

Our customizable dividers serve as excellent pan and pot lid organizers. Designed to fit perfectly into your drawer, we install beautiful quality dividers to keep lids separate from pots and pans.

File Divider for Your Pans

Our durable and secure file dividers are perfect for more delicate cookware like porcelain and glass pans.  

Sloped Divider

A sloped divider is ideal for locating and retrieving pans and trays of a lighter weight. You can learn more about Shelfgenie’s customizable divider solutions here.

Custom Solutions

We design our custom-built solutions on a case-by-case basis. Since no two kitchens are the same, our solutions must complement your kitchen’s measurements. We also alter any solution to ensure that it not only meets your requirements but that it also seamlessly fits into your existing space.

Schedule a free consultation with a ShelfGenie Designer today for a custom solution for your pot lid organizer needs (and wherever else you’d like more storage or accessibility).

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