Say Good-Bye to Clutter with Our Pantry Shelves in Tulsa

ShelfGenie Pantry Shelves

Are you tired of living with a messy, cramped pantry? At ShelfGenie® of Oklahoma, we can completely transform the space. With our custom pantry shelves, we’ll make life in your kitchen easier with solutions that work differently than what’s typically found in most homes across Tulsa and other nearby areas. We’ll increase storage capacity, put everything you need right in reach, and get your pantry more organized and efficient with results you will love.

Enhance the Heart of Your Home with Our Pantry Shelves in Tulsa

Most homes across Tulsa have pantry spaces with shelves that are packed and cluttered. There are snacks, ingredients, and cooking tools along with an assortment of other household items stored within. This can make it a frustrating and stressful place to be, one that doesn’t meet your needs.

The good news is that ShelfGenie of Oklahoma can improve this space dramatically, starting with our Glide-Out Shelving®. These sit on rails and can extend completely out with a single, quick pull. This ensures you’re able to get whatever you need with ease, all while enjoying up to 50% more space.

To provide you with the best-fit solution, ShelfGenie of Oklahoma begins our process with a consultation. This enables us to learn about the layout of your pantry and identify pain points within it. Whatever your needs, we can meet them with a range of options, such as:

  • Zones and categories that provide each item and ingredient with a home, giving you the organization and functionality you crave.
  • Large, double- and triple-height shelves for tall or heavy items, so they’re easy to store without tipping over.
  • A custom arrangement of dividers, and pull-out and Glide-Around™ shelves designed to fit the exact layout of your pantry.

ShelfGenie of Oklahoma Serves Tulsa with Pantry Shelves, Made in the USA

ShelfGenie of Oklahoma is dedicated to quality, whether your pantry requires a small helping hand or a major makeover. You can count on us for shelves made from durable hardwoods and handcrafted in the USA. We also offer further protection with our specialty coatings for moisture- and scratch-resistance. This all ensures you have reliable, beautiful, and better-performing pantry shelves you love coming home to, whether you live in:

  • Tulsa
  • Oklahoma City
  • Broken Arrow
  • Or in another nearby area

For custom pantry shelves in Tulsa that provide more space and less clutter, call ShelfGenie of Oklahoma at (888) 903-8839 to get started today!

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