Pull Out Shelves in Tulsa: How We Take Clutter Out Of The Kitchen

pull out shelves

When you de-clutter your kitchen, it’s a relief to spend time there. But sometimes, it feels like there’s just not enough room. At ShelfGenie® of Oklahoma, we help homeowners throughout the Tulsa area find the space they never knew they had. With elegant design features like pull out shelves, extendable racks, and drawer organizers, we can maximize interior storage while preserving a clean, simple look.

Most kitchens don’t allow you to take advantage of all the space that’s truly there. In fact, our pull out shelves can increase storage space by up to 50% in cabinets, pantries, and other spaces. We love taking the frustration and clutter out of the kitchen. For homeowners in the Tulsa area, we accomplish this by designing customized pull out shelves.

3 Ways We Can Help You Re-Think The Kitchen with Pull Out Shelves

Organizing a kitchen properly can have a transformative effect. You may find that counters and floors open up once their clutter has vanished. It may be suddenly more intuitive to find, store, and reach ingredients exactly at the moment you need them. Here’s just three ways that we help homeowners in Tulsa re-think the kitchen:

  • Organizing items together. Often, ingredients get mixed in with each other in the pantry: spice jars might be stored with spreads, sugar, and so on. We separate, group, and store items based on their function. We can install custom pull out shelves and racks, too, to fit them all neatly in the same section of your kitchen.
  • Minimizing any clutter. Many people wind up using the floor to store big bulk goods like juice and pet food. We minimize clutter from counters and floors alike. Our Triple-Height Glide-Out Shelving® can create an extendable unit for trash containers, recycling, and other bigger kitchen features.
  • We increase practical use. If you can’t reach the back of your cabinets, you’re not alone. Too many kitchen storage shelves are difficult to access, making them impractical for everyday use. With Glide-Around Shelves, you’ll get rotating shelf panels that allow you to store and retrieve items easily.

Your kitchen should be a place that’s stress- and clutter-free. When we re-think your space, we can make sure it’s functional, straightforward, and stylish. It’s our aim bring joy back into the kitchen for you.

Learn more about our custom features for pull out shelves. To get in touch with our team in Tulsa, just call ShelfGenie of Oklahoma at (888) 903-8839.

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