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Pull Out Shelving Bath Solutions


February 11, 2016

Can a bathroom help two people reunite? Absolutely. Assuming, of course, that the bathroom is organized, equipped with pull-out shelves, and extremely functional. Designer Holly Roth-Nunnally explains more in this guest blog.

Pull Out Shelving Bath Solutions

I’ll never forget the day a bathroom reunited a couple.

Let me back up. This story starts when I entered a client’s home to help her design a solution for her kitchen. After spending several hours where I designed pull-out solutions for her cabinets and pantry, I was leaving and noticed a beautiful painting in the foyer. I commented on the painting and my client’s husband informed me he was the one who painted it. This started a long, fascinating conversation about painting and interior design and, next thing I knew, they began asking for more design solutions. This time, for the bathroom.

The couple was interested in putting Glide-Outs in the master bathroom. While we gathered around the sink, I couldn’t believe the vanity. It was so low. The proportions and scale were way off. My “interior designer” brain kicked in and I didn’t think it was a good idea to put pull-out shelves in this area. That’s when the husband said, “well, I don’t use this bathroom anyway.”

I had to speak out. I ask him why he didn’t use that bathroom and he said, “my snoring is so bad that my wife kicked out of our room years ago.” I couldn’t believe it.

I thought about the situation, talked with my clients, and, before long, came up with a solution.

So here’s what happened. My clients hired someone to take out the existing vanity. Meanwhile, I found them a beautifully-crafted, new vanity and installed ShelfGenie Glide-Out solutions in it. This was a really beautiful vanity with a sink they could actually share! And just like that, after years of being apart, the couple was using the same bathroom again.

Sometimes we get a call for a client that just needs pull-out shelves in their kitchen. And other times, we have the chance to design a bathroom solution to help married couples reunite!


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