Blind Corner Cabinet Pull-Out Shelves

Corner cabinets are often referred to as blind corner cabinets, but “Bermuda Triangle of kitchens” would also be an appropriate nickname due to the dark, often unusable kitchen space.

Blind corner cabinets earned their name because they have a missing door and blind side due to their corner configuration. But these cabinets don’t need to be where your pot lids or mixing bowls seemingly disappear into the depths.

ShelfGenie® offers innovative blind corner cabinet pull-out shelves that help make your kitchen more efficient and you more productive.

Say Goodbye to Wasted Space and Hello to Efficient Storage

Corner storage cabinets usually come with fixed shelves. That means while you have a good amount of storage space, much of it is impossible to access.

ShelfGenie blind corner cabinet solutions use Pull-out shelving to enhance access to your kitchen essentials. Several solutions can make blind spaces in your kitchen more functional.


The Glide-Around turns once-wrapped cabinet space into an efficient, easily accessible storage area. Our Glide-Around design combines the functionality of a revolving tray and corner cabinet with shelves that rotate 360 degrees and drawers that fully extend.

Pull-Out Shelves:

Pull-out shelves for corner cabinets consist of two shelves, with the first sliding out toward you and the second shelf sliding perpendicular to the first within the cabinet. This design allows you to access all items in the blind corner cabinet. The shelves in our corner kitchen cabinet storage solution hold up to 100 lbs, with some rated to hold up to 200 lbs. Thanks to the high-quality materials, ShelfGenie pull-out shelves for your pantry pull-out effortlessly on ball-bearing rails.

What’s more, because you can easily pull out this shelving, it is easier to keep things organized and clean.

Here are a few examples of the different styles we offer:

Built to Last with Quality Materials and Construction

ShelfGenie’s Pull-Out shelving is made in America and has outstanding construction that can last decades. Your ShelfGenie designer will present you with high-quality options for materials and coating. Our proprietary coating is an ultraviolet-cured top coat that is harder than catalyzed acrylics and other conventional flat-line finishes, helping ensure a long shelf life.

Experience the ShelfGenie Difference

ShelfGenie's team of professionals ensures you receive outstanding customer service. One of our designers will visit your home or schedule a virtual meeting to generate a 3D rendering of your customized solution. After that, a ShelfGenie-certified installer will schedule a field measurement, and a U.S.-based manufacturing team will handcraft your cabinet shelves out of high-quality, durable materials and finishes.

Lastly, we’ll return to your home to install your custom-made shelving, a process that typically only takes one day to complete. All ShelfGenie products are built to last and are confidently backed by our warranty and the Neighborly Done Right Promise™, ensuring your satisfaction.

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