Kitchen Solutions

Convert your cabinets into more practical and usable space with Glide-Out shelving from ShelfGenie.

Kitchen With ShelfGenie Slide Out Shelves in the pantry, under the sink, under the island, and in the blind corner

Love Where You Live

You probably spend a lot of your time in your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking, eating, or gathering with loved ones, it truly is the center of your home. ShelfGenie Solutions will streamline your kitchen’s style and functionality, making it the most welcoming space in your home.

ShelfGenie’s Interactive Kitchen

Click on the animated icons in the kitchen to see how ShelfGenie solutions can transform your kitchen.

Sloped Cook Book Pull Out Shelf in an Upper Cabinet

Slope Cookbook Solution

Utilizing space up above for cookbooks will help keep both your cookbooks and counters clean.

You can also use this solutions to access deep cabinets.

ShelfGenie Slope Cook Book Pull Out Shelf

Lazy Susan from ShelfGenie in an Upper Cabinet

Lazy Susan

Maximize the space in your corner cabinets and reach all your cookware and kitchen items simply.

ShelfGenie Pull Out Shelf under the sink

Undersink Riser

This solution provides you with two different levels to store household chemicals, cleaning products, and other items typically found under a sink.

Trash Slide Out solution from Shelfgenie

Trash & Recycling (Triple-Height)

Our Triple-Height Trash & Recycling Kit prevents tipping (as well as pet access) and also helps keep your kitchen clean and organized.

ShelfGenie Glide-Around in the corner cabinets of a kitchen

Glidearound (Lower)

With our GlideAround™ solution, you can spin your shelves around to quickly (and easily) find what you’re looking for in your cabinet.

Lower Cabinet Pull Out Shelf with Stile Removed

Double Height Glide-Outs With Stile Removal

Double height shelves are the perfect solution for larger items such as pots, cleaning supplies, and counter top appliances. A Stile Removal permits wider Glide-Outs and expanded storage space. When the center stile is removed, it is relocated on the cabinet door.

Slide Out spice solution for Kitchens

Premium Custom Spice Cabinet

Our custom-width spice racks make smart use of tall, narrow cabinets. This solution also features a middle pull-out shelf for even easier access.

ShelfGenie pull out drawer in a drawer soltuon


Keep items like aluminum foil and plastic wrap organized and within reach while saving the bottom of the drawer for more storage.

Custom Insert from ShelfGenie for your kitchen drawers

Custom Insert

Keep loose items like silverware, bottle openers, cooking utensils and more in order with a customizable insert.

ShelfGenie Pull out wine rack solution

Wine Rack

Speciality shelves designed to store and make it easy to access multiple bottles of your favorite wine(s).

ShelfGenie blind corner cabinet solution in the kitchen corner

3-Piece Blind Corner Cabinet

Reach the deepest corners of your cabinets with this Blind Corner Cabinet solution. This innovative solution has two shelves that slide perpendicular to one another so you can pull out the front shelf and then bring the rear shelf forward.

Reverse Slope Storage for ShelfGenie slide out drawer

Reverse Slope Storage

Pet food bags and cans often take up a lot of space. This convenient reverse slope solution puts those items in a place where they’re easy to access. Plus, our solutions hold up to 100 lbs., which is perfect for holding heavier items like pet food.

ShelfGenie Pull Out Kitchen Pantry

Glide-Out Design for Pantry

Our Glide-Outs make your pantry easier to access, easier to organize, and even easier to clean. With convenient pull-out shelves, you’ll be able to reach even the deepest corners of your pantry.

Under the sink high rise slide out drawers

Kitchen Upgrade, No Renovation

You want your space to be inviting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. A complete renovation involves months of planning and a large budget, but a small investment in your kitchen can still breathe new life into the space. Custom-designed pull-out shelving in the kitchen will create organization and increase storage within your existing cabinets.

Upper Cabinet Slide Out Shelves

Your Experience

Getting personalized attention from the ShelfGenie team is easy. Here’s what you can expect from our custom design process.

Free Design Consultation

Step One

Free Consultation

Think about where you need more space, more organization, or more accessibility. Then, work with a ShelfGenie Designer to create a custom solution to solve your home pain points, eyesores, and trouble areas.

Step Two

Custom Solution

Get a design plan built just for you. Your personal Designer will suggest the best solutions for maximizing the efficiency of your space, and show you a 3D-rendered plan of what your future home will look like.

Step Three

Professional Installation

From measurement to construction and installation, we handle it all. After measurements are taken and your products are hand-crafted, your installer comes to your home and installs everything for you in one day.

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