Lazy Susan

Everything you need to know about the classic tabletop platform that puts everything within reach.

What is a Lazy Susan?

Also called a turntable, the Lazy Susan is a rotating, multilevel platform or tray usually placed on tables or counters to easily distribute food.

Lazy Susans can also create accessibility in lower and upper corner cabinet spaces. Although they are normally used for corner cabinets, they can also be used in other cabinet styles to provide a rotating storage system.

  • Why is it called a Lazy Susan ?
    No one knows for sure the origins of the name but a popular story exists that they were invented by Thomas Jefferson whose daughter, Susan, often complained about being served last at dinner.
  • When was the Lazy Susan invented ?
    The Lazy Susan’s first written advertisement appearance was in a 1917 issue of Vanity Fair but historians have traced it back as far as at 18th century when it was more commonly called a ‘Dumbwaiter.’
  • How does the Lazy Susan work ?
    The Lazy Susan rotates on a set of bearings, making everything on the tray or shelf easy to reach with a simple spin.
  • What materials can be used to make a Lazy Susan ?
    Wood and plastic are the most common materials Lazy Susans are made of, but glass, marble, stainless steel, and wire are also used.

Types of Lazy Susan

  • D-Shaped
    This design has one flat side & one rounded side to allow the pantry door to close flush over the Lazy Susan. These are most commonly found in wall cabinets above refrigerators & pantries.
  • Full Round
    The traditional circular design of the Lazy Susan is usually found in base cabinets or outside the cabinets on a kitchen counter or dinner table.
  • Kidney Shaped
    This design includes a soft, rounded triangle cutout to accommodate the doors of a 90-degree corner cabinet.

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