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Corner Cabinets

Reach the deepest corners of your cabinets with this Corner Cabinet solution. This innovative solution has two shelves that slide perpendicular to one another so you can pull out the front shelf and then bring the rear shelf forward.
“It has changed our kitchen into a more workable place. I can find things where before I had to get on my hands and knees to find something in a corner cabinet. Everything is at my fingertips. Best money spent.”
Barb D., Edmonton

Featured Solutions

  • Blind Corner Glide-Outs
    Blind Corner Glide-Outs convert lost cabinet space into usable space, and are ideal for storing items in deep cabinets. This design consists of two perpendicular shelves: one pulls out of the cabinet into the room to allow the rear Glide-Out to be pulled forward into the space vacated by the first Glide-Out.

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