Kitchen Risers

A well-organized kitchen makes meal prep and cooking a lot easier. However, It’s difficult to keep your kitchen tidy and organized without the proper storage. Cans teeter on top of each other, ready to fall like dominoes. Kitchen cleaning supplies are stored haphazardly under the sink. Cereal bowls are stacked to the ceiling with nowhere to go but up. Kitchen shelf risers from ShelfGenie® are a simple way to double your storage and keep everything organized.

What is a Kitchen Riser?

What exactly are kitchen risers? Riser Glide-Outs are small and narrow pieces designed for use with full-size Glide-Outs. Together, they form a two-tiered unit that maximizes cabinet space that is often lost due to obstructions like water and drainpipes. Risers are often used in bathrooms and under kitchen sinks.

Kitchen risers are a great way to double the storage space and maximize vertical space in kitchen cupboards, pantry shelves, and under the kitchen sink. Kitchen risers are a necessity for any kitchen and pantry organization system.

Kitchen risers will transform the following common storage problem spots in your kitchen:

  • Canned goods shelf
  • Pasta noodles and rice area
  • Serving bowls cupboard
  • Cereal bowls
  • Plates
  • Coffee mugs
  • Cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink
  • Why would I need a Riser Glide-Out?
    We typically use risers underneath the sink for customized storage solutions built around obstructions like water pipes, drainpipes, garbage disposals, and more. No more awkward storage bins or cleaning supplies tucked in hard-to-reach places.
  • Do I need a lot of free space underneath my sink?
    During your free consultation, a ShelfGenie designer will take a close look at your space and generate a 3D rendering of solutions that will work for your unique needs and the dimensions of your existing cabinets. We have a variety of different layouts and customization options, developed and proven over thousands of installations in homes like yours.
  • What are Riser Glide-Outs made of?
    Riser boards, which attach the two tiers of storage, are ply and stained to match the selected Riser package. Our Basic and Classic Glide-Outs are made of Baltic Birch Ply, while our Designer Glide-Outs are made of stained or painted hardwood with dovetail joinery and a melamine bottom face.
  • Will my cleaning or beauty products tip over in the Glide-Out shelves?
    Our Glide-Out boxes are available in multiple heights to support even your tallest, bulkiest items. During your free in-home consultation, a ShelfGenie Designer will recommend the best Glide-Out options for your needs, including what you plan to store under your sink.

Types of Kitchen Risers

  • kitchen risers
    Side Risers
    This design uses boards on the left or right side to attach a riser box to a Glide-Out shelf beneath it, avoiding obstructions like water and drain pipes.
  • Front Riser
    This under-sink riser design features riser boards on both sides and a front riser box. This option is great for working around large under-sink obstructions like disposals.
  • Independent Riser
    This design uses rails mounted to the side board. Each shelf pulls independently from the bottom Glide-Out shelving.

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“ShelfGenie installed several slide-out shelves in our kitchen and bathroom. We are thrilled with the result. We recently moved from a large home to a much smaller condo and needed to make efficient use of all the spaces. ShelfGenie has doubled the usable shelf space in our kitchen and bathroom. The quality of the sliding shelves is exceptional. The designer created a plan based on our needs. He had great ideas and came up with improvements we didn't know were possible. The installers were very professional and worked with minimum disruption to our condo. We are very happy with the end result and proudly show off our new shelves to our guests.”
Suzanne D., Wasatch Range

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Stop shoving kitchen supplies and dishes in hard-to-reach places just to get them out of the way. Our team of storage design experts will work with you to find the storage solutions that meet your needs. Contact a ShelfGenie design professional near you for an in-home or virtual assessment of your space and unique needs. Our expert will then offer advice and a personalized storage solution for your kitchen, and any other rooms in your home that need a little storage love. ShelfGenie’s kitchen shelves make getting and staying organized easy. And we guarantee your satisfaction with the Neighborly Done Right Promise™. To learn more, schedule a free, no-obligation design consultation today!

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