June 28, 2018

7 creative ways to create storage in your yard

It doesn't seem to matter how much space you have, you can always use more storage. Even your outdoor space could use some creative solutions to contain pool equipment, garden tools, sports gear, and more. After all, your backyard should be a place to relax and unwind. Here are some cool ideas that will conceal all the stuff you need, but don't want to see!

Storage benches or deck boxes

Whether you have one on your deck or in your yard, a bench or box can provide storage and seating in your outdoor space. Protect your outdoor cushions, store pool toys, and towels, or use it to house outdoor games. Whatever small stuff you have cluttering your yard can easily fit in a storage bench or deck box.

Under the deck storage

If your deck is at least three feet off the ground, you can use the space beneath it for storage. Items such as PVC pipes, garden hoses, and snow toys don't have to be protected from the elements so there won't be a problem if it rains. Smaller items that need to be protected can go in plastic bins with lids. If you want to add dry storage under the deck you can cover the interior floor with plastic sheathing to protect your items from dampness and mold. Wood or plastic deck lattice can easily screen off your storage space for security or aesthetic purposes.


If your outdoor items have taken over your garage, it might be a good idea to invest in a storage shed. Storage sheds or barns come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your needs and budget. Garden tools, bicycles, sporting goods, and other larger items can be tucked away in a shed and pulled out when in use. You can choose to make your shed part of the backyard decor or disguise it in the corner of the yard, depending on your taste.

Garden closets or lockers

Create or purchase a garden closet or locker for smaller items you use outdoors such as paint cans, bug spray, car care items, and more. Install glide-out shelving in the closets for more storage and easy access to your items. Paint your garden closet a fun color for a decorative look or keep it simple if you don't want to draw attention to it. 

Chopped wood storage

If you have an outdoor fireplace or firepit, having chopped wood on-hand is essential. Create your own storage solution out of wood pallets or purchase one to keep your wood dry and organized.  

Garden hose storage

No one really wants to see your garden hose in a twisted pile sitting in the mulch. Opt for a DIY holder that can keep your hose accessible and neat or purchase a fashionable cover that will blend in with the outdoor decor. 

Tucked away trash bins

Let's face it, no one, including you, wants to see or smell trash cans. Keep your trash bins tucked away, yet easily accessible in a shed for a clean and neat solution. Made from weather-resistant wood or plastic, a refuse storage shed is an answer to your trash problem. 

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