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Pull Out Shelving Kitchen Solutions

Spice Up Your Spices

February 11, 2016

Organizing spices can take all the fun out of cooking. Or so you’d think! Actually, an organized spice cabinet can bring much-needed organization to not only your kitchen but to your cooking, as well.

Pull Out Shelving Kitchen Solutions

The day’s finally arrived! The day you’ve been planning for. You have the recipe, the ingredients, and, most of all, the time to try cooking that dish you’ve been drooling about ever since you saw it posted in your social feed. The only thing separating you from that delicious dish is…

[cue dramatic music]

The gigantic, jumbled mess otherwise known as your spice collection. You know what we’re talking about. There’s new spices mixed with spices that haven’t been used since the last Olympics. In a word, your spice cabinet is not an organized spice cabinet.

The good news is you can turn that pain into enjoyment. The solution is simple: ShelfGenie pull-out shelves.

ShelfGenie offers several pull-out shelving solutions that’ll turn your spice collection from “ugh” into “ooooh.” Here’s how:

·      Organization. Whether you want to organize your spices by name, color, or frequency of use, having them organized will make cooking easier and, therefore, more enjoyable.

·      Easy access. When something is easy to access, you’ll more likely to use it. Which means those spices you’ve been avoiding (because you couldn’t find them or maybe you just forgot they were there), can finally add new life to your cooking.

·      Freshness. One of the main complaints people have their spice collection is that they buy spices, forget about them, and then the spices are no longer fresh. With an organized spice rack, courtesy of ShelfGenie, you’ll be able to access your spices sooner and enjoy them as they were intended.

Now that you’ve seen some of the benefits to having an organized spice collection, you can let your imagination run wild. And get ready to spice things up!


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