June 02, 2022

12 Brilliant Workout Equipment Storage Ideas

Brilliant home gym equipment storage ideas that may transform a cluttered spare room, garage, or corner into an inspiring training place.

You are not alone in your search for workout equipment storage ideas. People are storing more workout equipment in their homes now than they ever had before. Your home gym is an important space, and it should be just as you want it, whether you apply DIY updates to a spare room or call in the professionals to help you build a custom space.

Working out from home is extremely convenient. The evolution of the workout app has come a long way in the very recent past, as many people ditched their gym memberships in favor of in-home workouts. Even many personal trainers and well-established gyms began streaming classes live for viewing at home.

Life-Changing Workout Equipment Storage Ideas

While working out from home is a habit that encourages feeling well physically, the clutter it causes can take a toll on how you feel mentally. Creating a space dedicated to your workout time will help you focus when it is time to exercise while keeping it separate from the rest of your home, decreasing clutter.

If you are regularly working out from home, practical storage for workout equipment is a must!

1. Organize Your Mats

Hanging yoga and exercise mats on the wall can add some flair to your space and get the up out of the way.

Whether you are doing yoga or streaming a HIIT workout, you are going to need a mat. Exercise mats protect your knees and back during exercise, no matter how intense. It is easy for mats and foam rollers to cause almost immediate clutter, as many people toss them in a corner.

To avoid your mats constantly unrolling and falling over, install a yoga mat rack. Such a rack hangs from the wall, allowing you to slide mats and rollers into place as soon as you are done using them.

2. Classic Cube Storage

Cubbies are perfect for storing smaller gym equipment.

Cube storage is reminiscent of the school and gym class storage you may have had as a child. It is a classic, and it is one of the best home gym storage equipment ideas for smaller items. When you store your gym equipment using standing cube storage, you can choose to utilize bins or baskets that slide in or go without.

Cube storage is fantastic for weights, mini bands, workout clothes, yoga blocks and so much more! Anything you need to get you through a workout should fit very well inside the cubes, and the units typically come in many shapes and sizes.

3. Hanging Hooks

Hooks are great for hanging a variety of things, especially workout equipment long and thin in shape.

Hooks are a must-have for exercise equipment storage. When deciding on hooks to hang in your workout space, you can choose from singles and full racks. Which one you choose depends entirely on your space and how you want it to look.

No matter what type of hook you choose, make sure it is installed correctly and heavy-duty enough to hold heavier items, such as kettlebells or weights. Many sporting goods retailers keep hook racks specifically for workout equipment in stock.

4. Custom Built-In Shelving

Custom shelving is the ideal option to ensure the perfect solution for your workout equipment storage.

If you workout in your living room, you should consider built-in shelving or a custom-built cabinet to declutter the space. Built-in shelving has a way of making a space look organized regardless of how much you have to store them. It is even better if you have enclosed, built-in cabinets.

This type of shelving can hold everything from free weights to yoga and pilates accessories. Built-in shelving always looks classy, and will work wonders for your unorganized workout gear.

5. Free-Standing Cabinets

A freestanding wardrobe or other storage cabinet is great for workout equipment.

You cannot go wrong with a free-standing storage cabinet or wardrobe. There are hundreds of styles in which to choose, ranging from retro to modern. Also, you can move free-standing storage cabinets, which means you are not stuck keeping them in one spot should you happen to move your workout area.

6. Repurpose Bookshelves

A repurposed piece of furniture is a great option for storing workout equipment in a home gym.

Completely repurposing and redesigning bookshelves are a fantastic DIY project! Create a custom solution perfect for workout equipment storage space that will fit your foam rollers, sneakers, and more. Rearrange shelf placement within the framing or completely remove shelves for a design specific to your equipment needs.

7. Fabric Bin Units

Fabric bins are flexible and stackable, deep enough to hold a variety of workout equipment.

Fabric bin units are usually located on wheels, so you can roll them wherever you need them. Made up of bins of different sizes, the softer, flexible fabric makes for a good place to store heavy objects, such as kettlebells or weights. You can lay mats and foam rollers on top as well, and you’ll have a place to store headphones, chargers, and sneakers. You can find fabric bin units at large home goods retailers like Wayfair or even Lowes.

8. Mesh Storage Cubby

Wire mesh storage cubbies are attractive in a modern-designed home gym.

Wire mesh storage cubbies are relatively inexpensive and they have a fantastic modern appeal that will look fantastic in any room in your home. They are sturdy, and they will pull the look of the workout space together seamlessly. You can use them to store fresh towels, sweatbands, sneakers, or meditation equipment which you can see without opening every drawer..

9. Dumbbell Racks

Dumbbell racks are a must-have for home workouts. They will keep your home organized and eliminate a major trip hazard.

If you are working out from home, dumbbell racks are a must-have. Dumbbells are an essential part of exercise and getting stronger, but they can be a pain to store. It can be difficult to get them to sit properly on a shelf. Assigning your dumbbells a rack meant just for them is a massive piece of the workout equipment organization puzzle.

10. Wooden Crates

Finish your home gym with stained or unfinished wooden crates!

You can find these unfinished or stained and painted to perfection! Either way, wooden crates are stackable options for workout equipment storage. Depending on the decor that already exists in your home, wooden crates can pull a space together.

11. Woven Baskets

Primarily decorative, but equally functional, woven baskets are a quick idea for workout equipment storage.

Woven baskets look nice in any area of the home, and if you store your workout equipment in a high traffic area, such as your living room or mudroom, woven baskets are a superb option to get your things off the floor and out of the way. The baskets are not enclosed completely, so you will still see your gear, but you will not be tripping over it.

12. Large Rolling Racks

Large rolling racks equipped with metal shelves are perfect for storing exercise and sport equipment for the whole family. These are often used for industrial purposes, but can also be great for a home gym. Something like this will work best in a mudroom or garage as it does take up some space, but it makes for stellar storage that is convenient to transport.

Storing Your Workout Equipment

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