February 09, 2022

Baby Clothing Storage and Organization Ideas

Lots of outgrown baby clothes? Do you need help at dressing time? Here are some great ideas for baby closet organization that could help you.

It is important to find clever baby clothing storage ideas to keep an orderly baby room while maximizing the space. Babies are cute and cuddly, but the mess they can make of their clothes is not so cute. Because of the frequent soiling, chances are you have a massive stockpile of clothes for your baby, so you’re always armed with plenty of clean clothes. The alternative is to do the laundry daily, and who wants that?

With such a large assortment of clothes, it can often be challenging to stay organized. On top of the sheer amount of tiny clothes, the nursery tends to be the smallest room in the house. This means there are often no closet shelves and sometimes little room for a dresser.

Unique and affordable baby clothing storage ideas for your nursery

Dresser Organization

Cabinet with painting and flower ornaments

A dresser in the nursery is the most obvious place to store baby clothes but you still need to keep things organized within the drawers. Baby clothes aren’t like adult clothes; they’re so small that getting things mixed around without a system to separate them is easy. Try some of these options to organize your dresser drawers.

Small Plastic Totes

A simple way to utilize the dresser storage space while organizing baby clothes is to use small plastic totes (minus the lids) to fill the drawers. These small totes can be dedicated to a particular type of baby clothing item (socks in one, onesies in another, etc.).

These are easily obtainable at an affordable cost from local stores.

DIY Drawer Dividers

Rather than buying a bunch of small totes, another option for organizing baby clothes inside dresser drawers is by making some small dividers. Simply cut thick cardboard into one piece that fits lengthwise for each drawer, then cut smaller pieces to further divide the drawer into smaller sections. Super glue can be used to assemble the divider pieces. These can then be painted to match the dresser or any desired color.

Decorative Wicker Baskets

Another option similar to using totes within the dresser is to swap these out with small and decorative wicker baskets. This will look more attractive than plain totes or drawer dividers, and several different sizes can be used as needed.

Large Freezer Bags

For the budget-conscious, organizing baby clothes within a dresser may be as simple as picking up a box of large freezer bags from the grocery store. These bags are large enough to hold socks, hats, mittens, onesies, t-shirts, and even pants for infants. They may not be as decorative as some other options, but they will be stored in the dresser anyway, so they won’t typically be visible.

Organizing in a Closet

For nurseries that do have a closet, the options open even further, depending on available space. Hanging bars with hangers is the most logical solution; however, there are other fun ideas to maximize space and provide superior organization.

Size Dividers

Kids grow quickly, and sizing can vary from one brand to another. An infant may fit into clothes labeled for 6M in one brand, and also comfortably fit 12M in another brand. Chances are, any baby’s closet is going to have several sizes at any given time. To organize these, small size dividers, much like those on clothing racks at clothing stores, are a cheap and easy way to separate baby’s different clothing sizes.

Over Door Shoe Organizer

They aren’t just great for shoes! The plastic or cloth shoe organizers that hang on the back of the closet door are also one of the best nursery closet organization ideas. The pockets in these shoe organizers are perfectly sized for fitting socks, hats, mittens, and even onesies.

These shoe organizers can be purchased for cheap at virtually any department store that has shoes and clothing items, or of course, from Amazon.


Installing shelves in the closet is a good idea for storing and organizing baby clothes. These shelves can provide extra space to store clothing items, and each shelf can be labeled to designate the type of clothing it is intended for. This keeps storage organization at the forefront of the project while also fully utilizing closet space.

To go the extra mile, some custom shelf solutions can be installed to fit your exact needs. Custom glide-out shelves are an excellent option for closets with cabinets.

Milk Crates

Good old-fashioned milk crates are great for storing just about anything. Baby clothes are no exception, as these cubes are the perfect size to store any infant garments, including winter coats.

The crates themselves, after they are filled, can either be placed directly on shelves or, if you’re crafty, they can be mounted on the wall with a couple of screws to make a series of “floating” baby clothes storage bins. Before hanging them, though, it may be a good idea to paint or decorate them to provide a better-looking solution.

Final Thoughts

Baby clothes need to be both stored and organized to keep track of them. The tips discussed above are merely a starting point from which to draw inspiration. Use them precisely as described, or tweak them to perfectly match the overall decor and available space of the room.

A dresser is a good starting point, but it is critical to have some system for organization within the drawer itself. That may be totes, baskets, or drawer dividers. When organizing a closet, it’s best to use the hanging bar and separate the clothing into sizes with size dividers.

It’s also helpful to have shelves installed in the closet, as these can be put at different heights to make efficient use of closet space. A perfect way to make this happen is with ShelfGenie product offerings. The best part of going this route is that each job can be custom-designed after a free consultation with the ShelfGenie team.

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