February 10, 2022

Creative Storage Ideas For Hats In Your Home

If you are looking to take care of your hats and store them correctly, this list of top 10 tips is all you need. Whether it is shelving or a custom-built pull-out draw you need to be created to store your hats, ShelfGenie has the perfect option.

Whether it is a baseball cap, a cowboy hat, or even a boater, hats come in all different shapes and sizes.

Hats are a staple for any wardrobe, but there are only so many places that will hold your headgear before your home begins to look crowded.

If you are looking for a few creative storage ideas for hats, then you have come to the right place! Here, we explore 10 options.

1. Use a hanging closet-organizer

If you need a place to store your hats, but you don’t have a lot of closet space, a hanging organizer is a perfect solution. They are usually made up of several compartments—which are perfect for smaller hats. You can hang these in a closet or on a wall, depending on how much space you have. Target has plenty of options to choose from—but make sure to steer clear of the cheaper options as they often are the products of poor workmanship.

2. Custom-built drawers are a perfect solution

If you aren’t a fan of closet organizers, and you’re still looking for a creative solution to store your hats, consider building custom drawers. A great place to add drawer space is underneath the staircase of your hallway. If there is one thing we know at ShelfGenie, it is how to custom-build impressive and long-lasting drawers. We have been building such drawers in kitchens, bedrooms, entrance halls, and many other places in the home for many years. Our customers always comment how convenient they make their lives. We have also created plenty of hat storage drawers which are always a hit.

3. Hooks

We love how creative this solution is. If you are short on space, hooks can be a great, creative solution to store hats. You can hang them on your closet rack, behind a door, or as a focal point on your wall. They also make a great foyer feature, so consider placing one of these near your front door.

4. Consider hanging a copper pipe

Due to its ability to develop a beautiful patina over time, copper is a metal that many people love. The next time you’re short on storage, consider purchasing a copper pipe from your local hardware store and attaching it to your wall. From there, you can either add hooks to the pipe or attach short pieces of string to hang your hats from. Not only is this solution functional, but the design alone will turn your storage solution into an art piece for whatever room you place it in.

5. Use shoe organizers

One of the more inventive ways to store hats is to use a shoe organizer. If you have room in your closet, you can place a shoe organizer on the ground or hang it behind the door. Although this solution will not work for larger hats, it is perfect for any collection of smaller caps!

6. Make your hats decorative

Hat storage system

If you have an open wall in your home that needs a bit of love, consider using your hats to create a decorative gallery wall. . Using an accent color or pattern to draw attention to the wall, hang your hats over pegs together in an artful installation across the accent wall. By creating such a wall, especially at an entrance hall or at the end of a passage, you will add a wonderful element to your home décor.

7. Distressed wood with hooks

When it comes to storage, you cannot beat the classic look of an open shelf. To take the look up a notch, try purchasing a shelf with distressed wood and hooks. This simple yet elegant solution is perfect for those who want the perfect marriage between storage and design.

8. Use a hat stand

Hat rack ideas.

A hat stand is a great way to store hats. Not only does it make the room look more fashionable, but it also saves space. Choose a material that matches your décor, whether that be wood or metal, and you’ll be well on your way to organizing your storage.

9. Baseball caps storage

If you happen to have any empty drawers around the house, the best way to store your baseball caps is to use them! Choose a drawer that is not in use and then arrange each baseball cap in a row—one behind the other. You can stack hats that have been stored for more space-saving storage.

10. Storing cowboy hats properly

Cowboy hats are increasing in popularity, and with this popularity comes the demand for storage. The best way to store is a cowboy hat is in hat storage can or custom-built drawer. These storage solutions ensure that the hat will be protected from dust and dirt and will not be damaged. We create custom-made glide-out shelves that are perfect for both new and existing cabinets.

The choice is yours

So there you have it, our top ten creative hat storage ideas for your home. Whichever one you choose, do so with your current décor in mind.

If you are looking for a custom pull-out drawer, or a stylish shelf on which to store your hats, we've got you covered. ShelfGenie creates high-quality products that add creative flair to your home.

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