March 07, 2019

Declutter your home: 30 things to toss out in the next 30 days

The best way to kick off 2019 is to declutter and purge your home of all unnecessary items. Dedicate an entire weekend to getting it done, or take it one day at a time. You're sure to feel lighter and happier with less stuff around. Here is a list of 30 items to toss or donate in the next 30 days.

  1. Old spices - Toss expired spices and replenish the next time you go shopping.

  2. Expired medications - There's no need to keep these around. Medications lose effectiveness after they've expired.

  3. Plastic shopping bags - You may want to keep a few on hand to reuse, but if you have a collection of bags that have accumulated over the last year, you can recycle them.

  4. Expired coupons - If coupons are taking up space in your purse or kitchen, check the dates and throw out anything that has expired.

  5. Empty storage containers - Storage containers are useful if you have things to store in them. If you have a bunch of empty ones lying around in your garage or attic, donate them.

  6. Candles - Take stock in what you have and what you use regularly. Toss anything that is almost burned out.

  7. Out of date hair and skin products - These items work best before they expire. If they've been sitting around too long, they won't do what they are supposed to do.

  8. Product samples - If you've been collecting samples, but haven't tried them yet, chances are you won't use them.

  9. Old paperwork - Piles of paper can clutter up your space. File essential documents and shred the rest.

  10. Worn out socks and undergarments - Invest in some new undergarments for the New Year.

  11. Unread books - Donate books you've read or books you don't plan on reading.

  12. Tupperware without lids - Eliminate frustration in the kitchen by tossing out any Tupperware that are missing lids. Also, throw out any Tupperware you don't use.

  13. Old cell phones - If you've recently upgraded your phone, you do not need to keep your old cell phone around.

  14. DVDs you don't watch - With all the options you have for streaming movies, you don't need to keep these around anymore.

  15. Clothes you don't wear - Going through your closet is a big job. Plan a day to tackle this chore and donate items you don't wear and toss anything stained.

  16. Old magazines - You will never reread them!

  17. Manuals for devices - Unless you think you will need it, you can probably get rid of most manuals. You can find any directions you need online.

  18. Ratty Towels - If some of your towels have seen better days, it's time to say goodbye. You can throw them out or possibly donate to an animal shelter.

  19. Random cables - If you have a box of cables that have no use, throw them out.

  20. Dried out pens - Go through your junk drawer and get rid of old pens and other items not needed.

  21. Old greeting cards - Understandably, certain cards have a sentimental value and you want to keep them. However, if you've been collecting every card you've ever received, its time to let go.

  22. Take-out menus - Keep the ones you use often, and toss the rest. Again, everything is available on line.

  23. Old cleaning supplies - If you've had the granite cleaner under your sink for ten years, but have never used it, get rid of it.

  24. Scraps of wrapping paper - When wrapping, you think you might use these in the future, but you never do. Throw them out.

  25. Accessories you don't wear - Take stock in your costume jewelry. Some items are probably no longer in style. Donate what you don't want anymore.

  26. Unwanted gifts - Maybe you haven't had the heart to throw away unwanted gifts. Clean out your cabinets and donate them instead.

  27. Old bills and receipts - Shred old bills you've been saving every year. Throw out receipts once you know you will not be returning the items.

  28. Extra water bottles - If you've acquired a big collection of water bottles, it's time to dwindle it down to the few you use most often.

  29. Dead plants - Unless you can bring them back to life, get rid of any dead plants in your house.

  30. Knickknacks - If these don't add anything to your decor, box them up and get rid of them.

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