February 22, 2022

How to Increase Your Home’s Value: 18 Potent Ideas

Want to boost your home's value? Whether you're planning to list your home for sale tomorrow or 3 years from now, it's never too early to start making improvements. These 18 home improvement ideas can increase your home's value.

At some point, every homeowner wants to know how to increase the value of their home. Everyone has their reason, and it’s not always about selling. Still, we know how important your home is to you. If you have ever wondered about what adds value to your home, we have a list of creative upgrades that are sure to get the job done.

It can be daunting to sit down with all the home improvement options available to you. From small bathroom sink ideas to custom built-in office upgrades, there is a lot to break down. The ideas we’re offering you today go all across that range.

Some are big projects, some are small tweaks – all of them add value to your home. So play around with the ideas that match your budget and, most importantly, the vision you have for your ideal home.

How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Increasing the value of your home isn’t about how much money you pour into renovations. How people feel inside a home can shape its value.

What experiences do the features in your home allow for? What does someone feel when they walk through the door and see the kitchen for the first time? What lasting impression do they leave with? When they step into the bathroom, do they imagine how much better their morning routine would be in a house like yours?

A valuable home is full of rich experiences. Typically, there are three areas in every home that shape that experience and directly affect home value. In no particular order, they are:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom

As much as a good living room can tie a social space together, people spend the most time in the other three spaces. Beyond the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, it also helps to pay attention to the “unseen” side of a home’s value. Let’s break down all four areas and see how they add value.

Mild Upgrade Ideas

1. Fresh paint

paint, fresh paint, new coat

The irony of calling paint an “unseen upgrade” isn’t lost on us. Still, like many things in this list, upgrading here will increase your home’s value while also slowing down depreciation. Chipped, flaking, fading paint will always drive down valuation. A fresh coat, on the other hand, breathes new life into any room.

With a gallon of paint ranging from $20-$55 depending on quality, a paint job is one of the most cost-effective ways to add value to your home.

2. Refinished floors

refinish wooden floors, floor varnish,  wood staining

Whichever room you prefer, the floor ties them all together. Wooden floors are highly prized by realtors and buyers alike. The older the wood, the more character the floor has. Still, a refinished floor can bring that character to life while protecting the wood from scratches, stains, and spills.

3. Insulation

 insulation, insulation glue, sealant, wall insulation

When you invest in good insulation, you’re investing in your home’s temperature regulation, energy efficiency, and ability to deter drafts and mold. People in your home may not be able to see this value, but they will most certainly feel it. EnergySage found that, on average, insulation projects gave homeowners a 116.9% return on investment – that’s on top of the money you save on heating and air-conditioning.

4. New hardware

hardware, lock fitting, power drill

When you open a door, cupboard, or window, you don’t want creaky hinges. The same applies to door handles and locks. Upgrading hardware can make moving through your home feel seamless and smooth. It’s a feature of every high-value home on the market.

Kitchen Upgrades

5. Cabinets

 cupboards, white cupboards, modern cupboards

Run your hands over your kitchen cabinets. Now imagine them made of maple, birch, hickory, walnut, cherry, or maple wood. We love refurbishing kitchen cabinets, and choosing the best wood for yours is a sure way to increase value while building an inviting modern aesthetic.

6. Kitchen lighting

lighting, Edison bulbs, kitchen lighting

Like a fresh coat of paint, new lighting fixtures can transform the look and feel of your kitchen. It always helps to have plenty of natural light in this room especially, and modern lighting can complement or dazzle when the sun goes down.

7. Countertops

modern kitchen, countertop, kitchen countertop

There’s a reason realtors always highlight new countertops. Stone and wood countertops are more valuable than other counterparts and are an important part of building a kitchen’s aesthetic. Like flooring, countertops bring together whatever aesthetic you’re building, and that’s before you get to the practical appeal of stone or wood.

8. White or neutral color selection

wooden finish, kitchen aesthetic, wooden aesthetic

Speaking of wood, bare wooden finishes and white finishes are valuable tones to have in your kitchen. White is neutral and wood blends well in the background. It’s easier to decorate a kitchen around those elements. Anyone looking at your home will be bursting with ideas when they see that arrangement. Is there anything better than a kitchen that inspires creativity?

9. Kitchen sink

modern sink, kitchen sink, modern faucet

Modern sinks tend to be larger and heavier, sometimes made of stone. These aren’t just more visually appealing, they’re more practical too, especially when you factor in counter space for dish racks and any additional appliances.

10. Stove

gas stove, modern stove, stove fitting

When buyers enter the kitchen, the stove is one of the first things they look at. You can upgrade a fitted stove without needing to renovate the space around it. Modern stoves are more visually appealing, and that’s true for gas, electric, and induction stoves. Gas stoves are also energy-independent. Gas stoves are also easier to clean and maintain – and they’re highly valued by home cooks and professional chefs alike.

11. Floating shelves

floating shelf, shelf storage, kitchen shelf

This is one of the most affordable, high-impact upgrades you can make in any kitchen. Floating shelves are sleek, modern, and practical. They don’t cost a lot to install and most come with DIY instructions if you have the skills and tools. Floating shelves completely transform a wall space and your kitchen’s storage capacity.

12. Pantry storage

pantry, kitchen pantry, kitchen storage

Of course, storage isn’t limited to walls. A beautifully fitted pantry can bump up the value of your home and make your kitchen that much more appealing. Pantries offer storage space, protect food from the elements, and free up your cabinets for crockery, appliances, and glassware. Sectioning off food storage also reduces the cleaning needs throughout the kitchen.

Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

13. Bath and shower

modern bath, stone bath, bathroom design

Why pay for a spa day when you can get just as much luxury at home? An upgraded bath or shower is a lifelong investment, but you can feel the returns every morning or evening. You don’t even need to redesign your entire bathroom. For example, modern shower heads are designed for aesthetic and functional appeal, and the best ones can help with water conservation.

14. Bathroom console

bathroom console, modern sink, bathroom sink

We often find ourselves standing in front of the bathroom sink, but how often is that a memorable experience? A modern bathroom console can modernize a morning routine, and leave plenty of room for aesthetic upgrades.

15. Bathroom windows

bathroom lighting, bathroom windows, natural light

According to a survey from the Independent, adults spend between 23-29 minutes a day in the bathroom. That works out to 373-456 days over a lifetime. Most of that time is spent in the morning. If you have an east, south-east, or north-east facing window, consider upgrading it to maximize the morning sun that pours in.

Bedroom Upgrade Ideas

16. Feature wall

feature wall, bedroom feature, modern bedroom

Feature walls are more popular in living spaces, but who says the bedroom can’t be memorable too? A feature wall is a dazzling design element that can make a bedroom look larger, more appealing, and modern. The best ones leave a lasting impression on homeowners, realtors, and buyers alike.

17. Outside door

bedroom door, garden door, bedroom design

Sometimes, removing something is the best way to add value. An outside-facing bedroom door is a wonderful addition to any home. It increases accessibility and privacy. Glass doors also work like enlarged windows, giving you’re a perfect view of your garden while allowing in as much natural light as possible.

18. Subtle lighting

bedroom lighting, bedside lighting, bedroom light fixtures

Bedroom lighting has different needs to kitchen or bathroom lighting. Bedroom lighting can be appealing during the day, but the main focus of upgrading it should be on how it affects the nighttime aesthetic. Installing a dimmer switch gives you the freedom to control the tone, warmth, and intensity of the lighting. Dimmable lights are also more energy-efficient, and they are useful for getting the perfect bedtime lighting.

We Know How to Increase Home Value

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