March 26, 2021

20 Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas for Any Space

Kitchen storage ideas can help to make your kitchen more efficient. Besides, this means you can free up space and store all your items neatly even in a small kitchen.The best part is that you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to create better storage. There are many kitchen storage solutions right here. If you have a small kitchen and are looking for ways to free up space, then keep reading—we are going to share nice kitchen storage ideas. 

The Smartest Kitchen Storage Ideas You Have Ever Heard Of

Chances are, you have seen at least half of these storage ideas without even realizing it. Moreover, the rest you probably had no idea existed.There is something out there for every kitchen, as it is just a matter of assessing your storage needs. Use the following 20 kitchen storage ideas listed below for inspiration to come up with a solution that fits your lifestyle.

1) A Lazy Susan

Lazy susans are great for under-the-sink storage or for countertop storage because they allow you to keep all your items in one place, and all you have to do is rotate it to get what you are looking for. As a result, there will be no more digging around inside your cabinets or having a messy countertop.

2) Pull-Out Cutting Board Above the Trash

We tend to think of cutting boards as stationery items that live on our kitchen counters. But of course there is a much better place for them, right above your trash can.If you have pull-out trash cans, you are going to want to install a pull-out cutting board right above them. This game-changing idea will save clean-up time because you can just chop, scoop, then slide the board right back into the counter.

3) Cool, Convenient Compartments for Spices and Oils

You do not have to tuck away your spices and oils in cabinets—especially if they came in unique-looking bottles. Besides, if you cook every day then you use these items every day, so why not create hidden shelving compartments behind the counter and stovetop?This clever kitchen storage idea will blend in perfectly with any backsplash, plus you can choose to keep the shelving open if you want to display your spices and oils.

4) Under-the-Sink Kitchen Storage Use

Simply put, drawers are the new cabinets. These drawers allow much easier access to the items you need, without having to kneel down and rearrange almost everything in the drawer to get to what you need.

5) A Cabinet for Awkward-Shaped Utensils

Hear us out—slide-out cabinets are the way to go if you have long and awkward-shaped utensils like ladles and balloon whisks. This creative kitchen storage idea would take the place of the skinny cabinet right beside the oven. 

6) Hidden Compartments in Unused Areas

Every surface, nook, and cranny is open real estate when it comes to kitchen storage solutions. This includes installing a sneaky pull-down compartment for your dirty sponges in place of your faux sink drawer or plain trim.

7) A Special Kitchen Storage Drawer Suggestion Just for Pot Lids

Aside from scratches, it is troublesome to just find the lids that go with your pots and pans!Therefore, if storing pots in drawers, you should designate a special drawer just for their lids.

8) Magnetic Spice Racks on the Refrigerator

There are one thousand and one ways to store your spices (or maybe not). But, what is the newest spice rack storage idea?In fact: a magnetic refrigerator spice rack! This creative kitchen storage idea works especially well if your refrigerator is set right next to the kitchen counter where you usually do all your prep work and cooking.   

9) Pull-Out Garbage Can Cupboard

Having pull-out garbage can cupboard is the ideal way to store your trash. You will not have to worry about stinky garbage can taking up precious space in your small kitchen and there will be no reason to be pulling out your garbage can by hand just to throw stuff away.

10) Under the Shelf DIY Mug Storage

A great way to maximize cabinet space is by reducing the number of items you are storing inside of them. In other words, by installing hooks just beneath your cabinet, you can hang your mugs by their handles.Similarly, this also frees up cabinet space for other items that need storage. 

11) Farmer's Market Hanging Kitchen Organizer with Baskets

If you are in the market for rustic kitchen storage ideas, a farmer’s market hanging kitchen organizer with baskets is perfect for storing your fruits and vegetables. As a result, this is one of the most efficient kitchen space savers because you can hang it right on your wall, freeing up countertop real estate.

12) Magnetic Kitchen Organizer with Paper Towel Holder

Furthermore, if you need an extra shelf but do not have the wall space, a magnetic kitchen organizer (with a paper towel holder) will adhere to the size of your refrigerator perfectly. You will get about three extra storage shelves out of these awesome kitchen storage solutions, and if you do not need the paper towel holder, you can always add hooks for your mugs or cookware.

13) Over the Sink Dish Drainer and Kitchen Storage Rack

Many people feel that not having a dishwasher is a real bummer. Not having enough space near your sink for a drying rack is even worse. Additionally, an over-the-sink dish drainer and storage rack is the perfect way to keep your counter space while also offering an overhead space for dishes to dry.

14) Tea Bag Holder and Display Case

If you like to display your spices, you will love to display your teabags. A tea bag holder (and display case) like this one looks great on your countertop and keeps your tea fresh and ready to use. 

15) Under the Cabinet Wine Glass Storage

We would be remiss if we did not mention the under the cabinet wine glass storage for all the wine lovers out there too! These wine glass storage racks attach to the underside of your cabinets, offering an instant and elegant storage solution for your wine glasses.The wine glasses hang upside down, which allows them to stay clean and on display.

16) Under the Shelf Hanging Basket

Under the shelf hanging baskets are perfect to maximize the storage abilities of the shelves in your kitchen cabinets. These baskets are typically made of coated wire and hang from the shelf above them.These are great for storing small in-the-way items like cans, sponges, and reusable bags.

17) Door Attachment for Food Storage Necessities

Not all food items are stackable, and that is where a door attachment for food storage necessities comes in handy. Just mount a magazine rack or something similar to the back of one of your cabinet doors and voila! You have just added some clever kitchen storage to your space.

18) Fruit Baskets Hanging from the Wall

In addition, if you have wall space in your small kitchen, you need to make use of it. However, you do not have to sacrifice decor for storage in doing so. Hanging fruit baskets from the wall is one of the best small kitchen storage ideas!Choose from any type of baskets or even woven bags to hang for a natural aesthetic that doubles as fruit storage.

19) Hang a Magnetic Knife Rack

To note, knife blocks are bulky, plus do not come in a lot of options to match various kitchen styles out there. That is what makes a magnetic knife rack so perfect—you can free up counter space and show off your knives by hanging them up on the wall. 

20) A Pull-Out Kitchen Storage Drawer for Your Baking Sheets

Stack cookie sheets, pizza pans, baking tins and cutting boards, which takes up a lot of space in cabinets. Also, it forces you to dig everything out when you need something. This is where a pull-out drawer comes in handy. And ShelfGenie is ever ready to build and install a custom solution for you. This includes adding dividers to a drawer to give each item a place—just like a filing cabinet.

A Thousand Ways to Organize

Finally set up your kitchen for success in terms of organization with our extensive list of kitchen storage ideas. Of course, if you need more help, you can always contact us for a free design consultation. We would love to help maximize your small kitchen’s storage space.

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