March 31, 2021

15 Smart Pantry Storage Ideas for Any Space

Pantry storage ideas may make choosing the right storage for your pantry a bit cumbersome. Fortunately, we have got some of the top tips right here to get you started.Read on to learn more.Pantry storage is one of the most important elements of your kitchen—especially if your kitchen is small. Of course, how to organize a pantry is one of those things that nobody tells you about. Kind of like how nobody tells you that home essentials such as rugs, garbage cans, and cleaning supplies may add up to be quite costly. 

The Most Unique Pantry Storage Ideas

The following pantry organization tips may not be a one-size-fits-all solution to your pantry space—or lack thereof. However, you will likely find a handful of storage solutions you can get started on right away.Let’s get down to it:

1. Use Labels

Labels may not seem like a space saver, but they are among the top pantry organization tips. This is primarily because a great way to maximize space within your pantry is by unpacking items and storing them in more efficient containers.For example, you can use a set of clear jars for your spices, sugar, salts, etc. which takes up less space than the containers they originally came in. And of course, you will need to label them. (PS. You are welcome!)   

2. Bring Back the Cookie Jars

Once again, jars are the winning item in the food pantry organization. This is especially true for wide mouth jars, such as cookie jars, to store flour, sugar, pasta, and rice in. The wide mouth allows for a larger scoop, which is ideal when you are baking or cooking but do not want to make a mess. They will also let you store much larger amounts of ingredients at one time, so you can stock up without having to worry about how you are going to fit all those bags of flour on one shelf. 

3. DIY Wall Storage

If you have the wall space, you will want to capitalize on it. That means hanging bags, baskets, shelving—anything you can think of!We personally love the idea of mixed-size natural woven bags that you can hang and use to store fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other items.  

4. Under Shelf Basket for Pantry Storage Ideas

Under shelf baskets are perfect for organizing a small pantry because they allow you to add extra storage space without taking up too much room. It also helps that you can find baskets that are fixed to slide right onto the shelf, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing any extra hardware or risk damaging your existing shelving.

5. The Lazy Susan Solution

A lazy susan is always a good idea for pantry storage, especially when you’re strapped for space. This is because lazy susans allow you to store your items in groups and spin them around to get what you need.That way, you do not have to move your items around every time you need to get to something. 

6. Over the Door Shelving System

The back of your door makes for one of our best pantry organization tips. It is a free space that doesn’t normally get used—it’s also a considerably large space.So why not hang shelving on it? Over-the-door shelving systems come in a variety of sizes and materials, which means you can easily find one to match your pantry within your budget.

7. Clear the Junk Drawer

This is arguably the most simple pantry storage solution. Clear out your junk drawer—or drawers, if you have more than one. Especially if you have a small kitchen, you really should not be wasting precious drawer space with take-out menus and other odds and ends that you are not even sure why they are there in the first place.A junk drawer can easily be converted into a spice drawer, a tea drawer, or anything your kitchen actually needs in terms of storage.

8. Try a Shoe Holder 

Those cheap, plastic, hanging shoe holders that hang on your door can do miracles for your pantry organization. You can even cut them down to size to fit the back of your kitchen cabinets, or just plainly hang them on your wall to store fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more. 

9. Freestanding Wine Storage

No home is complete without a bottle of wine—or ten. Now, storing wine is a completely different story, especially if you do not have a whole lot of counter space. Luckily, there are a ton of creative wine storage ideas out there that allow you to display your wine out in the open in a way that adds to your style—without taking up space. 

10. Flatware Pantry Storage

Do you throw all your utensils on top of each other in a drawer?We hope not, because that is a terrible idea—especially if your flatware is still wet when you toss them in. Investing in flatware storage whether it is a drawer organizer, under the sink organizer, or countertop solution will keep your flatware clean and neatly stored. 

11. Use Bins and Baskets

Bins and baskets are probably the most efficient and cost-effective pantry storage ideas. They can store bulk items, canned goods, cleaning supplies, and more. Each time you go into your pantry, all you have to do is pull out the bin or basket containing the items you need.They also keep shelves clean of oils, liquids, and other debris.

12. Color Code

Much like labeling, you do not realize the value of color-coding until you start putting certain ingredients into the wrong containers. Color coding also helps when you are storing stuff up high and can not see what is inside the basket or container. Just keep a list of coordinating colors to items in case you forget which is which. 

13. Make It Kid-Friendly

If your kitchen is a highly-trafficked area, it is only right that everyone understands your organizational system—including your kids. This means going for plastic containers rather than glass, for example, since glass is heavier and much more breakable. It also means ensuring that your color-coding system and labeling are easy to understand. 

14. Pull-Out Drawers 

We love pull-out drawers. They are simple, efficient, and they keep everything neatly in place, like a filing cabinet for your cookware and accessories.You can also opt for pull-out baskets, which typically come in tiers and attached to their own track. So, all you have to do is place them where you want and gently pull the handle to bring each drawer out.

15. Do Not Let Any Wall Space Go to Waste

There is a never-ending list of things that take up wall space: shelving, hanging baskets, magnetic strips, hook, and cabinetry. The point is, where there is a wall, there is viable real estate for a pantry storage solution. Your options here are endless, trust the ShelfGenie solution.  

Maximize Your Pantry Space

No one may have told you that you are going to have to constantly clean your kitchen and take out the trash, but at least now you know a few solid ways to maximize and organize your space. Need more pantry storage ideas? Contact us today for a free design consultation. We specialize in custom home organization solutions, and we can not wait to help you with yours!

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