June 20, 2022

Stylish Under TV Storage Ideas for Your Home

If you want your TV-watching room to be more stylish and comfortable than anywhere else in your home, check out our TV storage ideas below.

Entertainment centers have come a very long way since the 1990s. They went from a necessary piece of bulky living room furniture to a fantastic way to make a stylish statement. Available in hundreds of shapes, colors, and sizes, entertainment centers serve as the main base for under tv storage ideas.

The size and storage capacity of the entertainment center you purchase has everything to do with the type of space you have available and what you intend to store underneath it. Most homeowners use this extra space to store media devices such as gaming systems or the occasional old DVD.

If you are dealing with a small living or bedroom space, the way you utilize the storage your television stand gives you will determine whether you feel cluttered or organized. You can opt to purchase storage options for the store or choose custom solutions.

The Best Under TV Storage Ideas

Since most entertainment centers and TV stands come with built-in shelving and cabinets, it only makes sense that you would want to use that space for storage. While that area may have originated to hold bulky VCRs and DVD players once upon a time, it is technically meant for storage. It is the whole purpose behind having a TV stand.

If you’ve been tirelessly looking for the best ways to use your under tv storage unit, you are in the right place. Every idea you need to organize your space efficiently is on this list.

Barn Door Entertainment Centers

TV stands with barn doors are a modern take on classic entertainment centers. Photo by EDYO LIVING.

One of the most popular stands for under tv storage today is the barn door entertainment center. This type of stand is standard in many homes. While this is mostly due to the surge in farmhouse chic decor in recent years, it is also because the barn doors on the center slide closed and hide major messes.

Although an under TV stand probably came with shelves to assist with organization, it doesn’t take long for it to become cluttered and messy. People tend to throw random items under the TV stand when attempting a quick clean-up, but storage bins and baskets placed on the shelves can sort this issue out.

When in doubt, shut the barn doors.

Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins are great for organizing items stored under the TV.

Because the world of storage is ever-evolving, baskets and bins have become quite popular under tv storage ideas. In fact, they’re almost a necessity. Baskets and bins have come a long way since they were plastic-only; woven, wicker, and wooden baskets are now all the rage.

Placing baskets on the shelves of your entertainment center under the TV is a game-changer, and it keeps items like remotes, video games, and coasters under control. Bins are especially helpful when you do not have doors on your entertainment center to hide the messes when they get a tad out of control.

Cubby Stands

Cubbies are perfect for under your TV stand, and you can easily fit fabric bins inside them when they’re open.

Cubby stands are fantastic for under tv storage ideas, especially when your television is hung on the wall. This leaves the top of the stand for photos and other pieces of home decor, while the cubbies underneath can hold whatever you need them to hold.

Cubbies are a good place to utilize bins and baskets because they’re often open without any doors. Cubby stands are a fantastic place to store cherished books and magazines. Small toys will fit as well!

Custom Floating TV Stands

A custom-made floating TV stand is perfect for space, individualized to suit your home and taste.

A custom-built floating TV stand is a fantastic option to keep yourself organized. Ideally, the TV hangs above the floating stand, where you could keep anything you would like out of the way and off of other home surfaces. Since the stand is floating, you have additional storage options underneath it!

Baskets and fabric bins look amazing underneath floating TV stands. You can purchase a floating TV stand from local home goods retailers, or you can have one made just for your home, working with your specific custom living room layout and space.

Creating Storage Around a Fireplace

Custom-built shelving is ideal for creating storage under a TV when there’s a fireplace as the centerpiece of the room.

You might think that adding an electric fireplace to your entertainment center will take up more space than necessary. Indeed, a fireplace smack dab in the middle of your TV stand will use up space, but there is plenty of room to store around it, depending on the size of the entertainment center you purchase.

If you would like a fireplace to add to the ambiance of your living quarters, you can have one custom-built to reflect ample amounts of storage on the side. The fireplace will sit in the middle of the piece, leaving plenty of stylish space around to get organized. Try not to count out styles you love simply because you think you won’t have enough room. Modern design teams can make almost anything happen.

Built-In Entertainment

Custom-built shelving is ideal for creating storage around and under a TV.

If you are serious about owning a fantastic entertainment center that boasts incredible under tv storage, you should consider having it custom-made, or even better, built directly into your living room wall. While built-in shelves typically don’t leave space to mount your tv on the wall, you’ll have plenty of storage around the spot designated for the tv.

This is a great option for those that have a lot of electronics and other media-related items that they want to keep organized. Bins and baskets work well on built-in shelves too, and you can easily express your home decor style in the surrounding spaces. Glide-outs for built-in shelving under tv storage are the ultimate in stylish organization.

Corner Shelves and Stands

Corners are one of the best places in the home to make space for storage, so it only makes sense that television stands should be equipped to fit into corner spaces. With the invention of floating corner shelves and tv stands tailored to fit into a corner, retailers have answered many home decor prayers.

Floating corner shelves are stylish as can be, perfectly designed to float in the corner, leaving enough depth for your television to fit at an angle. Measurements are essential here, as you’ll want to ensure your tv will fit in the corner space.

Both corner shelves and stands allow for ample corner storage. They also force your television to the corner of the room, so if this is the path you choose, know that you will not have many options to rearrange.

High-Rise TV Stands

A TV stand with high legs allows you to store everyday items underneath it.

If you are not interested in floating tv stands, you might want to consider those that come high up off of the ground. TV stands with a lot of legroom allow you to slide items that you might want out of the way, underneath them.

Things like yoga mats, floor pillows, and toys can easily fit under a TV stand that does not sit directly on the floor.

Get Creative with Under TV Storage

In many cases, the way you go about expanding the storage space under your tv has everything to do with how you approach the situation. A little creativity goes a long way. However, it is not uncommon to feel stuck when you are dealing with a tight space.

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