Pull Out Drawers

Everything you need to know about pull out drawers

What are pull out drawers?


A pull out drawer is a customized wood storage box or tray with ball bearing rails attached to it. These full extension ball bearing rails allow easy access to storage. Although some pull out drawers vary slightly in shape and function, they all share general traits.

ShelfGenie slide out shelves underneath a kitchen island. Also pull out shelves in the lower cabinets of the kitchen.

Examples of Ways You Can Use Pull Out Shelves

  • Dividers can be added to help contain your items and keep them organized
  • Soft-close rails can be installed to avoid drawer slamming
  • A file box drawer can be added to keep your home office in order
  • A drawer in a drawer offers you the perks of two drawers giving you double to storage
  • A pull out drawer can be added to a base cabinet to hold and hide your trash and recycling bins
Spice slide out drawer with glide out divider bin in kitchen lower cabinet
Slide out drawers underneath the kitchen stove
Under the sink high rise slide out drawers

ShelfGenie Pull Out Shelves Solutions

Lower Cabinet Pull Out Drawer

Double Height

Double Height pull out drawers are useful for storing items that have the potential to tip over. They are commonly used for storing cleaning supplies, soda, appliances, pots, pans and other tall items.

Triple Height

Triple Height pull outs store tall items with ease. Triples are most commonly used in the kitchen attached to a cabinet door to create a Trash Bin solution. Maximize function and custom a triple height drawer to include trash AND recycling. Triples are also great in pantries, linen closets, and other areas where deep storage is needed.

Pull out trash and recycling drawers
Pull Out Tray Bin Drawer for Cookie Sheets

Tray Bin Height

Tray Bin Height pull out drawers are extra tall units that often have moveable dividers for customized storage. The number of dividers and additional grooves can be customized, and exact spacing can be specified. Tray Bin Height drawers are ideal for storing items upright: cookie sheets, cutting boards, platters, plates, and cookware lids.

File Box

File Box Height pull out drawers are designed to hold either letter or legal size files, and they come standard with metal file bars pre-installed that are used to suspend the files. The file box Glide Out is a great solution for your home-office and can be added to your existing cabinet or desk.

Slide Out File Box drawer
Slide Out Spice Drawer that Pull Outs

Drawer Box Replacement

Drawer Box Replacements (Drawer Boxes) are designed to replace existing cabinet drawers or create a drawer in a cabinet that has a false front. Drawer Boxes are completely custom and can be built at any specified height. Fortify the strength of your old kitchen drawers, and add more storage solutions with box replacements.

Custom Inserts

Custom Inserts are used to create storage compartments within a pull out drawer. These inserts allow you to customize the interior shape of your drawers and can continue to be altered as your storage needs shift. Inserts are normally equally spaced, but custom configurations can be requested. They are often used for kitchen utensils and silverware, and are removable for cleaning purposes. There are different insert styles available for your pull out drawers, with each style being unique and offering different benefits.

Custom Inserts for Pull Out Drawers
Standard Mounts on a Pull Out Pantry Shelf

Scoop Front

The Scoop is usually added when multiple pull out drawers are stacked on top of each other with minimal clearance. The scoop provides a handle to pull out the drawer in spite of the small amount of height clearance.

Drawer in a Drawer

The Drawer in a Drawer pull out is a combination of two drawers in one unit, which is attached to rails. This drawer within a drawer combination uses a “click to open” side mount rail for the inner drawer. When the inner drawer is opened, it slides back towards the cabinet to reveal the drawer beneath it. It is ideal for utility/cutlery items while the drawer space beneath is ideal for bigger items such as pots and lids.

Pull out Drawer In a drawer solution from ShelfGenie
Blind Corner Cabinet Pull Out Shelf

Soft Close Rails

Soft Close rails are designed to produce a “soft” close when you push the drawer back to its original closed position. This keeps drawers from being slammed.

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