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Everything you need to know about ShelfGenie’s Creative Space Glide-Outs that put everything that inspires you within reach.

Glide-Out Shelves for Creative Spaces

Also called a turntable, the Lazy Susan is a rotating, multilevel platform or tray usually placed on tables or counters to easily distribute food.Glide-Out shelves are the perfect solution for the busy household. Our Glide-Outs make your cabinets easier to access, easier to organize, and even easier to clean. With convenient Glide-Out shelves, you’ll be able to reach what you need when inspiration hits.

  • What is a Glide-Out?
    A Glide-Out is a customized wood storage box with ball bearing rails attached to it, allowing easy access to storage.
  • Will Glide-Outs work in my pantry?
    Our Solutions help you make the most of every space in your pantry, no matter which type you have. Here are a few examples of pantries we can transform: Walk-in pantry Closet pantry Cabinet pantry During your free design consultation, your ShelfGenie Designer will walk through your space and generate a customized 3D preview of the best Solutions for your needs and layout.
  • What are Glide-Out shelves made out of?
    Our Basic and Classic Glide-Outs are made of Baltic Birch Ply, while our Designer Glide-Outs are made of stained or painted hardwood with dovetail joinery and a melamine bottom face.
  • Will my items tip over in a Glide-Out shelf?
    Our Glide-Out boxes are available in multiple heights to support even your tallest, bulkiest items. During your free in-home consultation, a ShelfGenie Designer will recommend the best Glide-Out options for your needs so everything is within reach.
  • What makes the Glide-Out Classic finish so superior?
    Our proprietary Kerwin Coating™ is an ultraviolet cured top-coat that is harder than catalyzed acrylics and other conventional flat line finishes ensuring our Glide-Outs look as good in 20 years as the day they were installed. We subject our Kerwin Coating to extensive quality assurance testing. Although your Glide-Outs won’t ever experience these extreme conditions, we’ve ensured that they will stand up to most anything you can throw at them. Our tests include: Temperature Check No cracking after one hour at 158˚ F. No cracking after one hour at -4˚ F. Adhesion Test Using several standardized tests for the adhesion of the coating, the results showed no significant flaking or detachment from the product. Chemical Test None of the following chemicals had any effect on our drawer panels after 24 hours: Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, Ketchup, Coffee, Olive Oil or 100% Alcohol.
  • What is the smallest cabinet you can install Glide-Outs in?
    We work with all different sized cabinets. Call us at (888) 903-8839 to schedule your free consultation.
  • What are the benefits of pull-out shelves?
    Increase storage by up to 50% Better organization Reach items at the back of the shelf with ease Save time searching for items Save money by not letting food go to waste

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    With convenient Glide-Out shelves, you'll be able to reach what you need when inspiration hits
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“Smooth as silk with low pressure sales, creative suggestions to solve storage problems. It took 3 visits - a sales & design, measure, and install to complete the installation. Every visit was on time and catered to my schedule including installing the pull outs on a sunday. I can't believe how much more storage space I found in my existing cabinets.”
Anne H., Portland

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