Custom Pull-Out Shelves

A pull-out shelf moves forward and is built to maximize storage and accessibility to items in the back of a cupboard or a cabinet. Most pull-out shelving features a shallow lip around the edge to prevent items from falling off as the shelf glides in and out.

For instance, pantry pull-out shelves make food prep and cooking easier and help prevent food waste, while under-the-sink bathroom shelving keeps spare toiletries handy and within easy reach.

Pull-Out Shelf Solutions

Some examples of pull-out shelf solutions include:

Single Height

These standard pull-out shelves store cookware, bakeware, and other “low-height” items. They can be used in cabinets and pantries throughout the home.

Blind Corner Cabinet Solution

A blind corner, also known as a corner cabinet or dead space cabinet, refers to the deep, sometimes inaccessible, space of a corner cabinet. Different internal shelving systems used in blind corners, including drawers and custom pull-out shelves, can effectively utilize this ‘dead space.’


The U-shaped pull-out helps return wasted space caused by an obstruction in the back of the cabinet. The unique design offers maximum usability of the Glide-Out and is commonly used under sinks to maximize storage around pipes.

Risers & Caddies

These small, narrow units work in tandem with a lower, full-size pull-out shelf. Together, the two-tiered unit takes full advantage of lost cabinet space due to obstructions such as water and drain pipes. Risers are most commonly used in bathrooms and under kitchen sinks.


Slopes offer further pull-out customization by preventing tall items from tipping when stored in the back of the shelf. This type of storage solution is often used in the upper portion of a pantry.


A scoop is usually added when pull-out shelves are stacked on top of each other with minimal clearance. The scoop provides a handle to pull the shelf even when height clearance is minimal.

Pull-Out Shelves Mounting Styles

Standard Mounts

With standard mounts, rails are installed directly into the cabinet interior. This is the most commonly used mounting when installing pull-out shelves.

Full Mounting Shelves

Full mounting shelves, or base mounts with slides, are used in conjunction with pull-outs when the existing space does not have an adequate mounting surface for proper pull-out shelving installation.

Why Choose ShelfGenie for Custom Pull-Out Shelves?

ShelfGenie® custom pull-out shelves are the perfect solution for maximizing your storage capabilities by up to 50%. With increased functionality and easier access to your kitchen essentials, pull-out shelving is easy to clean and keep organized.

Free Consultation

When you connect with a ShelfGenie professional, one of our designers will meet with you (either in person or virtually) for a free consultation to learn how our pull-out shelving solutions can help provide better functionality to your storage needs.

3D Renderings in Real Time

During your free consultation, your designer will build a real-time 3D rendering of your custom pull-out shelving. You get to keep your design after your consultation and make any adjustments you see fit until we come back to measure.

Stress-Free Installation

One of our team members will return to your home for the proper measurements before installation day. Our handcrafting shelving is American-made and crafted from the high-quality materials and finishes you selected with your designer during your consultation.

Because so much of the work is done prior to installation, installations generally take about one day to complete, with larger jobs taking two days at most. All in all, our goal is to create a stress-free and seamless process!

Our Team is Highly Skilled and Experienced Installers

Once we have crafted all the different pieces to your custom shelving solution, a ShelfGenie professional installer comes to your home on installation day. ShelfGenie is the only national franchise designing, building, and installing custom pull-out shelves. We earned the Best Home Organizing Award for two years and became a National Association of Professional Organizers Industry Partner.

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ShelfGenie takes pride in offering customers storage solutions that better utilize their space. But great storage solutions are not the only thing we offer; we also provide our customers with exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

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