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Blind Corner Cabinet Solutions

Blind Corner Cabinet Solutions

ShelfGenie blind corner solution demostration

Learn everything about Blind Corner Cabinets and the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions!

Line Diagram of different types of blind corner cabinets
What Are Blind Corner Cabinets?

They are the cabinets in the corner of the kitchen. They’re known as the Bermuda Triangle of kitchens.

Picture a two-door cabinet with one of the doors glued shut. They come stock with static shelves.

You have a lot of space to store things, but it’s never easy to get the items back.

Why Are They Called Blind Corner Cabinets?

You may think they are called blind corner cabinets because you reach in them and blindly to find items. Although seeming true, this is not why they got their name.

It is called so because of the missing door and the blind side of the cabinet.

When Would You Use a Blind Corner Cabinet Solution?

Anywhere your cabinets come to form a corner.

All solutions make accessing your space in the kitchen more efficient Which makes you more productive.

What Are The Benefits Of A Corner Cabinet Solution?
  • No more climbing halfway in the cabinet
  • Reach into your cabinets with ease
  • Keep your cabinet organized
  • No more getting on your hands and knees
  • Become the envy of all your friends
  • Keep things you use the most closer by
  • Up to 50% more storage
Shelfgenie blind corner cabinet with small appliances

What Are Some Blind Corner Solutions?

There are a couple different solutions on the market. Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. 

wire Pull out solution with stainless steal bowls
Pull Out Trays

There are a couple of different styles you can get.

Some have two layers of trays while others have three. You can get wood as a base or metal.

You can also get variations that come with trays attached to the door.

They are come in a specific size so be careful when ordering the product from online.

Some are made for left- or right-handed openings. Other are universal, this is important when buying this solution.


- Can support heavy objects

- Full extension rails allow for easy access

Pull Outs

Pull out wire and wood trays with small kitchen items on it


-Installation if you DIY can be difficult

-Doesn’t fit into all cabinets

Half Moon

These are half mooned shaped shelves that one side attaches to the door. When you open the door most of the shelf becomes accessible.

The most common materials are wood or plastic, but you can also get them in wire or glass.

Sketch of half moon corner solution


- Low cost

- Some pull out

Half Moon

Half moon corner solution with a kitchen aid mixer


- Most cannot support heavy objects

- Some people have trouble with installation

Diagram of swing out corner solutions
Swing Outs

These are like the half-moon solutions.

Kidney bean shaped trays supported by poles swing out of the cabinet. Allowing access to the very back of them.

Some of these solutions pull out from the cabinet as well. These swing outs require the bi-fold doors which can damage your other cabinets.


- Easy access to items

- Can support heavy loads

Swing Outs

Swing out solution with pots and pans


- Leaves some dead space

- Expensive

Lazy Susans

These come in a variety of different styles but they all spin around a pole like a carousel. 

It is a simple and one of the most affordable solutions on the market.

Learn all about lazy susans here!

They usually come with two or three layers. 

Kidney Shaped Lazy Susan Installed in corner cabinet

Round Shaped

Over head diagram of a round shaped lazy susan

Kidney Shaped

Over head diagram of a kidney shaped lazy susan

D- shaped

Over head diagram of a d shaped lazy susan


- Low cost

- Available everywhere

- Many different styles

Lazy Susan


- Isn’t the best use of the corner space

- Depending on the quality, it has trouble with heavy items

- Inexpensive parts make it not very reliable 

Super susan filled with kitchen items
Super Susan

This is variation of the Lazy Susan with some added benefits.

Super Susan has the Pac-Man iconic shape, but is supported by static shelves. Rotated by ball bearings it is superior to the Lazy Susan


- Moderately expensive

- Supports heavy objects

Super Susan

Super susan with built in wine racks inside the cabinet


- Isn’t the best use of the space

- Needs a bi-fold door that can bang adjoin cabinetry

Corner Cabinet Drawers

Instead of having a cabinet some people prefer drawers.

The cabinet face is made up of two perpendicular cabinets. Or they can also have a curved face, depending on your cabinet layout.

Depending on the quality of the rails they can either extend 100% or 75%.

Corner Cabinet drawer with a drawer organizer inside


- Opportunity to showcase some design and creativity

- Can support heavy objects

Corner Drawers

Multiple corner drawers pulled out


- Some dead space

- Cannot be built into existing cabinets without an extensive remodel

Design of blind corner cabinet from shelfgenie with a birds eye view
ShelfGenie Glide-Outs

The first Glide-Out will slide out towards you. The second will slide perpendicular to the first within the cabinet.

This second shelf allows you to access all the items in the back of the blind corner cabinet.

These are rated up to 100lbs and some are rated up to 200lbs.

They are professionally measured (down to the millimeter) and install.

All orders are custom made to fit your exact needs.

You get them in a variety of different woods and color. Click HERE to find all the variations.


- Able to efficiently use 100% of the cabinet

- Can support heavy objects


Blind corner cabinet organizer solution


- Only way to get a quote is get a free, no obligation design consultation

- The whole process to get it installed take 4-8 weeks (because it’s custom)

ShelfGenie Glide-Arounds

The Glide-Around is combination of a Lazy Susan and corner cabinet drawers.

Ones made for base cabinet rotate 360 degrees. They have drawers the middle that fully extend, and the sides are used for additional storage.

Upper cabinet Glide – Arounds are like Lazy Susans with half of the shelf fully extends. This gives you complete access to the whole shelf.

Shelfgenie glide around diagram inside a cabinet


- Easy and complete access to everything in your cabinet

- Able to support heavy objects


shelfgenie glide around with the drawers extended


- Only way to get a quote is get a free, no obligation design consultation

- Needs bi-fold doors that can damage other cabinets 

How Much Do They Cost & Where Can I Buy One?


Cabinet Manufacture



Home Depot

Kitchen Source

Cabinet Part's


DIY Options Available

Installed into Existing Cabinets

Lazy Susan

Quote Needed

Quote Needed








Super Susan

Quote Needed









Half Moon

Quote Needed









Swing Out’s

Quote Needed









Pull-Out Trays

Quote Needed





$300- $660




Corner Drawers

Quote Needed










Quote Needed

Quote Needed








Glide- Arounds

Quote Needed

Quote Needed









*This cost is an estimate collected from the vendors’ sites. Prices do not include the cost of hardware, mounting kits, taxes, or S/H.

TV & Microwave

Tv and Microwave in a corner cabinet

Built-in Double Oven

Double oven built into a corner cabinet

Appliance Garage

Appliance garage with a toaster and coffee pot

Glass Door Cabinet

Glass door cabinet in a corner cabinet

open shelves

Open shelves in a corner of a kitchen with plates and bowls on them

Corner Cooktop

cook top and hood in the corner of a kitchen

Corner Sink

Sink in the corner of the kitchen

Design the Corner Away

Blueprint of kitchen cabinets where they designed the corner away

corner pantry

Pantry in the corner of the kitchen with slide out shelves

Need More Ideas?

Here are over 1,000 different ideas for a blind corner cabinet solution.

1,000 Ideas from Pinterest

Wicker baskets inside a cabinet
Blind Corner Cabinet Organization Solutions

There are other things you can do to make your corner cabinet more organized. Though if you access that cabinet regularly, it is advised to get a blind corner solution.

If you put a bunch of small things in your corner cabinet, then having baskets is a great idea.

You put similar items in a basket, and take out the whole basket when needed.

Baskets can be made of wicker or wire, anything could work.

More solutions

Another solution would be a pot rack. These are hooks that on the top of the cabinet which hold the pots and lids.

This solution is great because it keeps everything dust-free within the cabinet. It even allows room to store things underneath.

Here are some great tips for organizing upper corner cabinets.

Upper Corner Cabinet Solutions

Upper Corner Cabinet Forum

Pot racks in a base cabinet
Small wooden cabinet designed to fit into a corner
Corner Cabinet Furniture

If you have an empty corner and you are hurting for cabinet space, there are a couple of things that you can do.

You can build your own corner furniture.

You can buy corner furniture and they come in a variety of styles.

There are wood, metal, and glass options.

They are also different sizes from 2 feet tall to over 8 feet tall, and everything in-between.

It is important to think about what you are going to store in them when choosing to buy. You want one that is going to increase the efficiency of your kitchen. 

Want Corner Furniture of Your Own?

Here are some links to get ideas or to buy your own corner cabinet.

Wayfair - Corner & China Cabinets

Houzz- Corner Cabinets

Amazon - Corner Cabinets

Target- Corner Cabinets

Examples of Cheap and Easy DIY Solutions

Here are some cheap and easy DIY solutions. These are just two examples and there are many more examples

If you install a DIY solution it’s important to buy quality parts so your solutions doesn’t break.

Consult an expert before you try installing your own solution. This will help prevent and design flaws, which could save you time and money.

A blind corner solution is designed to make your life easier not harder.

How to build a blind corner cabinet

If you are planning on building your own blind corner, there are a couple of things you need to know.

Things like adding fillers and making sure to measure your cabinets correctly.

Here are two resources that provide valuable information about building blind corner cabinets.

Article - Building Blind Corner Cabinets

Video- Building Blind Corner Cabinets