February 25, 2022

Clever Pull Out Ironing Board Ideas

The Pullout Ironing Board is one of those nice little extras that everyone appreciates. It takes less time and effort to set up than a traditional ironing board. Check out these ideas!

If you are lucky enough to have a laundry room, but unlucky to have limited space, chances are you are looking for pull out ironing boards as a potential storage solution. This type of ironing board can absolutely be a much-needed space saver. Because they are built in place, they are also more convenient than a tabletop ironing board.

Fortunately, there are some very clever pull out ironing board ideas out there. Here are some of the best.

Drawer Pull Out Ironing Boards

One of the simplest, sleekest, and most clever ways to build an ironing board into a small space is to choose a drawer style pull out. These work just like any other drawer but include expandable frame mounts along with heavy duty drawer runners. The ironing board glides out smoothly and is strong enough to take the pressure while you are ironing.

When the drawer is in place, it is not only easy to use and a space saver, but it is also completely invisible when stored away. If you like a sleek, minimalist design style, a drawer pull out ironing board is a great choice.

Cabinet Mounted Pull Out Ironing Boards

Building your ironing board into a cabinet means more laundry room space

If you have a little more square footage in your laundry room and space for a custom cabinet, a cabinet or wardrobe pull out ironing board is a great idea. These cabinets can be low with a support bracket under the ironing board to fold upward. They can also be full height with an ironing board that folds down for use.

These foldable ironing boards are built into a cabinet. You can unfold them for use and refold them behind closed doors when you are done.

If you choose a cabinet mounted pull out ironing board, make sure you choose the right kind of cabinet doors. Ordinary hinged doors will likely block your view and require more space. Bifold or accordion doors will give you a clearer view.

Tucked Away in a Pull Out Cabinet!

If you have very little room to work with, you can still hide your ironing board, by making the entire cabinet itself a pull out unit.

A pull out ironing board cabinet can be faced with a door that matches the rest of the cabinets in the room, but the entire unit is built on rollers. When you pull on the door handle, instead of swinging open, the cabinet drawer itself slides out.

A foldable ironing board can be tucked inside the pull out cabinet, ready to fold out when you need it. If you opt for a full height unit, you can even add storage space to keep your iron and other ironing supplies!

A pull out ironing board in a pull out cabinet is perfect for spaces with limited room, as long as the cabinet is deep enough to hold the ironing board. Even if you have a uniquely shaped small corner alongside your counter and cabinets, you can easily install this method of pull out ironing board storage.

In Wall Pull Out Ironing Boards

Pull out ironing boards are great for small laundry rooms

If you are building a new laundry room (or renovating your old one), consider an in wall pull out ironing board. These ironing boards are built right into the wall itself, so they do not take up any extra room when they are stowed away.

In wall pull out ironing boards are built into custom drywall boxes which are positioned between the studs. A sliding barn door is a great choice for this type of pull out ironing board system. It will slide along the wall as an optimum space saver. However, if you do not have enough width for a barn door to slide open, you can also choose a traditional swing door.

This is a great option for those who are able to plan ahead. WIthout planning, you will have to cut into your drywall after it is finished, taped and painted. Either way, it can certainly be accomplished!

Rotating Ironing Board

Rotating ironing boards transform laundry rooms and spaces everywhere.

If cabinets, drawers, and in-wall options aren’t the best solution for you, rotating pull out ironing boards are a great choice.

These look similar to drawer pull out ironing boards when they are closed, but they swing instead of roll out when opened. Rotating ironing boards are mounted onto sturdy steel swing arms that glide out when in use and slide back easily when you are done.

How to Choose the Right Pull Out Ironing Board

With a little planning, every laundry room can be a dream

We have covered some of the basic and most popular styles of pull out ironing boards here, but there are several subcategories, and many designs that combine some of these ideas.

The truth is, no two laundry rooms are the same. They will have different layouts, different space requirements,different sizes, and different styles of appliances to design around.

No two families are the same. How your laundry room is used is also a big factor. Small families may not have as much laundry to contend with, while large families may need a lot of room for storing laundry in various states and storing laundry supplies.

It is always a good idea to design your laundry room based on your unique requirements. What works in one space, for one family, might not work for yours. Do not rush your decisions. Take some time to really consider which is the best option for you.

You might even want to mark out the position of cabinets and features for your pull out ironing board with tape.Walking around the space with these markers will help you get a feel for your best storage solution.

An ironing board is probably not your favorite laundry room accessory, but it is certainly one of the most useful. That does not mean it must dominate the space! Clever ironing board storage ideas give you the functionality you need, without compromising on design style.

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