February 14, 2022

Hallway Storage Ideas: 12 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Hallway

With the correct hallway storage solutions in place, you can successfully arrange your doorway, no matter how big or tiny it is.

Implementing the following hallway storage ideas can help decrease stress levels and eliminate the possibility of tripping and falling in an overcrowded hallway. The way we organize our homes is a significant player in how smoothly our day-to-day lives run. No matter the size of your family, your hallway probably sees a lot of traffic.

Our spaces become dangerous when cluttered with the debris of everyday life. Shoes, clothing, and toys are items left around most houses, making navigating spaces like stairways or hallways difficult. Organized hallways can bring serenity to what feels like chaos.

Luckily, we have a list of brilliant ways to organize your hallway. Not only will you find yourself with a safer pathway through your home, but you'll succeed in using your space instead of letting it go to waste!

1) Building Storage into the Wall


One of the best ways to organize your hallway is by building storage into the walls. If you have narrow hallway storage or no storage at all, you might want to consider going into the wall instead of making the space smaller in the hallway itself.

When you decide to build shelves into the walls of your hallway, the storage options for coats, blankets, and towels become endless. You're also opening up that once narrow space, helping it appear larger even with items on the shelves.

2) Sliding Door Storage for Hidden Hallway Storage Spaces


Many houses, townhouses, and condos have small spaces throughout the home, particularly hallways and entryways. This hallway space is typically where most people drop their bags, hang their outerwear, and store their shoes. If you do not have the correct area to store these things, you will find yourself constantly tripping over them and restacking them to keep them out of the way.

Sliding door storage is one of the best hallway storage ideas ever invented. A front runner is hallway storage solutions, sliding door storage allows homeowners to build shelving into the wall and then secure it with a sliding door that blends in seamlessly.

3) Modern Modular Shelving Brings a Twist to Hallway Storage Ideas

Sometimes, there is not enough space to build shelving into the wall. In this case, choosing sleek, modern, modular shelving is an excellent way to compensate for space.

Modular shelves come in various heights and widths, and they are usually not bulky in the slightest. Of course, many manufacturers offer modern shelves in wider styles, but for the most part, they are slim. The lack of bulk means that you can erect them in the narrowest of hallways, creating storage with great success for anything from houseplants to guest linens.

4) Utilize a Storage Ottoman

Hallways that have more width could benefit significantly from a storage ottoman. Ottomans have come a long way over the years in design, and they are a frontrunner for those who have exhausted all possible hallway shelf ideas.

Storage ottomans are available at most furniture retailers and come in various sizes, colors, and shapes. You will be able to easily find one that works with your hallway and existing home decor.

5) Visually Create More Space


Making a space appear larger does not always mean cutting into the walls and installing shelving. You can maximize the appearance of your space while using a small storage piece that works for you.

For example, you could consider using a short shelving unit with drawers and a tabletop, then placing a bit of greenery and a mirror on top of the table. The mirror will add length and depth. It tricks the eye to create the illusion of more open space while adding storage to your hallway!

6) Built-in Benches

Similar to a free-standing ottoman, a built-in bench is a beautiful addition to hallway storage ideas. Built-in benches coupled with shelving are an added storage bonus. You can open up your wall to insert the bench into it or simply secure it to the wall, depending on how much space you are looking to save.

Built-in bench units come in several styles and colors. You are sure to find something you love.

7) Install Shelves with Pegs

Pegged shelving has become relatively easy to find. You can install pegged shelving right into the wall, which means your new shelves will not take up space on the floor.

From dog leashes to coats, there are plenty of things that can come out of those bins you likely have crowding up your hallway and onto a pegged shelf!

8) Entryway Tables

Though the name suggests otherwise, you can place entryway tables anywhere in your home for a sleek, organized look. They vary dramatically in sizes, shapes, and colors, and they are perfect for storing necessary paperwork and office supplies.

You can easily tuck bins under the table for additional storage and utilize the tabletop for decor, keys, and wallets!

9) Ladder Shelves are Innovative for Hallway Storage Ideas


Ladder shelves are a great path to take for those struggling with hallway storage ideas due to a super-narrow hallway. Ladder shelves are wonderful because they have the space to hold photos or folded towels while allowing you to hang extra blankets and linens as well.

10) Wall-Hung Hallway Units

A hanging shelf is nothing short of a gift when you do not have the additional floor space to give. Wall-hung hallway storage units are more prominent than pegged shelving, allowing you to hang, stack, and enclose your items all on one shelf.

One of the best aspects of wall-hung hallway units is that they come in many sizes, styles, and color options. There is quite literally a wall-hung shelving unit to appease any style preference.

11) Storage Cube Hallway Storage Ideas

Storage unit cubes are lovely for hallway storage, particularly entryways, because they are an answer to the ultimate question: where should I put all of these shoes? Shoes are notorious for causing hallway clutter, and open storage cubes come in hundreds of styles with an incredibly accessible price range.

12) Storage Baskets


Storage baskets are a simple way to organize your hallway without installing shelves or moving furniture. Available at every major retailer, storage baskets are a great way to clean up floor spaces and add a touch of organization to your existing shelves. Also, they are not permanent, so you can always switch them out if you change your mind!

Accessible Hallway Shelving and Organization

Hallway storage and organization should be accessible to everyone. If you're ready to achieve the organized hallway that you've been dreaming of, book an online consultation with us today! There are options available for every budget regarding hallway storage ideas, even when it comes to custom designs. Your beautiful new hallway is waiting for you.

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