August 24, 2021

Clever Home Storage Solutions for Every Room

Do you want to learn new ways to create more space with clever home storage solutions to declutter your house? There are many strategies for managing the belongings and space in your home so you can stay organized and enjoy your home rather than stress about where to put things.

Do you want to learn new ways to create more space with clever home storage solutions to declutter your house? There are many strategies for managing the belongings and space in your home so you can stay organized and enjoy your home rather than stress about where to put things.

No matter what size your home, chances are you struggle to find creative storage ideas for all of your things. The key is locating and developing space in your home that you can use for storage. Let’s start by identifying those spots.

Identify Spaces for Home Storage Solutions

Explore your home to see what kind of empty household storage spaces you have available to work with already. Perhaps there is a corner that will hold a basket for various items or space under your bed where roll-out storage can fit.

Once you have identified the kind of storage ideas that will function in your home, you can set up an organizational system.

Look for Multi-Purpose Home Storage Solutions

There are several clever home storage solutions that will add style to your home while providing more storage space.

Consider sofas and ottomans that can serve as containers. Storage furniture, like a dresser shoe organizer, has tabletop space that can be used for smaller storage baskets.

A Favorite Clever Home Storage Solution: Drawer Organizers


Drawer organizers divide the space in your drawers into sections and keep everything easily accessible. For example, ShelfGenie is the only company that makes a cutler drawer organizer of more than 22″ and is customizable.

There is no need to limit these to just the kitchen drawers, though, as organizers can also work in your bedroom bureau, your home office, or your bathroom.

Use Your Wall Space

You can hang open shelving on the wall to store nearly anything. In the kitchen, hang pots and pans on the wall or from the ceiling. Use open shelving to store your dishes or kitchenware. In your bedroom, hang hats or even jewelry on the walls. In your living room, create a beautiful bookcase made out of hanging shelves.

There is a solution for every room.

Think Vertically

Minimize the storage units that take up your floor space by focusing on shelving options that are vertical or stackable. Keeping a designated bag for donations in a closet may also be a big help when it comes to managing your space.

Kitchen Storage Solutions


You only have so much space in your kitchen, so be sure to use it to its fullest potential.

Shelve It

Kitchen storage cabinets and proper shelves are potential solutions to converting blank, unused walls into effective locations for storage.

New innovations make items that are challenging to store easy. Add glide-out shelves to get the most out of different areas in your kitchen.

Hang It

Free up cabinet space by adding a pot rack for hanging your pots and pans. Wall space is key to maximizing storage space. A rack organizes pots and pans right where you need them, making the cabinet space below available.

You can also add a wall organizer to hold decorative pieces.

Roll It

A rolling cart can be a handy way to move your necessities from one room to another. Doesn’t a kitchen island on wheels that you can mobilize sound great?

You can utilize it to store items on its shelves or use it as a serving cart at your next dinner party. Or, you can roll it into the dining area to have silverware close at hand.

Bathroom Storage


Expand your storage possibilities designed just for the small spaces found in bathrooms.

Add shelves or a cabinet over the toilet or tucked inside the corner of your shower, or use your wall space with open shelving that looks decorative while keeping things neat and tidy.

Stack It

Use every bit of your bathroom storage space by utilizing any space beneath your sink by placing a couple of stacked containers under it, or add a few sliding drawers. You can also include a lazy Susan here to make accessing cleaning products that much easier.

Other options include shelving designed to wrap around pipes or a metal rod that you can hang cleaning bottles from.

Display It

Show off your pretty bathroom accessories in a bathroom cabinet. This will move cluttered items off your countertop while adding decorative elements.

Shelving can be added with decorative boxes which can be used to store items like bandages and razors.


Keep items used every day in a convenient basket you can pull out from a drawer or cabinet. Things like makeup, lotion, or moisturizers all make sense to place together.

A shower curtain organizer can also make bath time easier by providing you with pockets to store extra shampoo and other bottles.

Bedroom Storage


Stash It

Look to storage trunks to add an element of style to your bedroom that also offers a place to store linens, pillows, and blankets.

The need for heavier footwear and a variety of wardrobe changes during inclement weather are options to be examined when deciding to place a storage chest in your bedroom or in the adjacent hallway.

Hide It

Have you thought of placing a hope chest with a cushion on it at the bottom of your bed?

This can be an ideal place to store your guest pillows and extra blankets. You can also use it anytime you want to take a seat to put on your shoes or slippers.

Display It

Booklovers can sleep surrounded by their favorite authors by adding shelving high up near the ceiling. This can give you a great way to display your book, and it provides a striking effect when the shelving wraps around the entire room.

Living Room Storage


Beautiful Built-In Storage

Built-in bookcases, shelves, and drawers give any living room an elevated aesthetic. They also give you plenty of places to display books, memorabilia, and decorative items while stashing the things you do not want to see every day.

Declutter It

Walk around your family room with a container, and gather the items you want to put away. Clear all the surfaces of clutter. Sort and select what to put back, and create groupings if you want to display items (three is optimum).

You can rotate them seasonally.

Capture It

Gather media accessories. Your CDs and DVD collection, all of your various remote controls, video game software, and paperback books can all be placed in a TV stand with storage capabilities.

Choose one with glass doors to keep an open view so as to easily see inside it.

Mobilize It

What is better than having an ottoman that has wheels on it? Move it around to any spot in the room so you can put your feet up and stretch out. However, keep in mind that it can also be used as a storage unit to keep things that are used in your living room.

This stylish storage option can be a good place to store hobby and craft items or books and remotes.


Foyer Storage Ideas

The foyer is the first stop when entering your house and your first opportunity to avoid things becoming cluttered and spreading further into your home. Today, you can find a lot of updated versions of the classic coat/hat rack.

Bench and hanger units offer a place to store shoes and coats, as well as to sit down. Bookcases and cubby units can be turned into mini “lockers” for children to learn to put their items away when they come home.

Organize the Linen Closet & Laundry Room


Simplify Bedding Storage

Collect your bedsheets, and store each set inside one of its matching pillowcases. Organize all of your multiple bed sizes on one shelf and smaller sheets below them.

You can label the edge of the shelves to keep things organized. Place extra bedding, pillows, and quilts in vacuum-sealed bags on the top shelves of your closets, so more frequently used items are always within reach.

Keep Towels Tidy

Everyone has their own way to fold towels, but the most efficient option is to fold your towels until they are in the shape of a rectangle. If the towels fit nicely across one shelf, you may want to roll them all into cylinders as towels look neat and organized when rolled in this manner.

It is actually recommended that you store towels away from the bathroom to keep them germ-free. Use folding shelf dividers to keep tipsy towel stacks from falling over and creating a mess.

Collect Your Table Linens

Put your placemats, table runners, and cloth napkins in a decorative basket or pull-out shelf on a sideboard. The different sizes will be neatly stored, and you can just carry the basket to the table when it is time to put out fresh linens. Criss Cross wine bottle holders can also be used to store napkins and other linens.

For a multifunctional storage option, use a dining bench with lift-top storage. This is an easy way to add storage and seating to your dining room.

Keep Necessities Handy

Baskets or totes are perfect for storing smaller items like your household first aid kit, toiletries, and any extra light bulbs. This will prevent items from getting lost in the back of the closet.

It will take time to get your closet organized, but you should be happy with the results. When you can easily open the door and put your hands on the things you need, you will be glad that you made the closet a priority.

Out-of-Season Storage

Rather than putting everything in a closet, make use of other storage areas around your home for these items. Remove them, and place them into bins out in the garage, down in the basement, or even in the back of a closet.

Looking for More Home Storage Solutions?

Give yourself permission to simply let some of all those items you have not used in ages go. Throw away broken items, and donate the ones that can be used by someone else. The more you focus on storing your items in an organized manner, the easier it gets.

Our experts have plenty of suggestions that can be customized to your exact needs and home specifications. And the best part is that you do not need to worry about doing the hard work yourself.

Are you ready to start exploring storage solutions for your house? Contact us for a free design consultation.

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