February 21, 2022

Pull Out Broom Closet

Sleek storage space is all the rage. And nothing fits more seamlessly into a kitchen or living room than a pull out broom closet. Read on as we elaborate

A pull out broom closet can change the way homeowners think about storage. Consumers consider storage space to be quite significant. However, most don’t know how to create an efficient space-saver that also offers ease of access.

These convenient spaces allow for bulky furniture and appliances while hiding all the cleaning equipment no one wants to see. And although some may consider installing them a tedious task, they offer a convenient solution. So keep reading as we discuss why these closets have become a must-have for any home: Organized-storage-space

Benefits of Having a Pull Out Broom Closet

Most houses are full of furniture, which can often make them look untidy. On the other hand, storage space is an essential part of the house. Unfortunately, users sacrifice one for the other, bearing the repercussions for either. This is now a thing of the past.

Pull out broom closets can help increase storage space in the home while making it look bigger. Hence, here are a few compelling reasons why these units are so important:

Save Space

Imagine pressing a panel in the kitchen wall and having an entire closet appear. Pullout what is needed, push the board back in, and it’s like there was nothing there. This is what a pull out broom closet offers.

With the help of glide-out shelving, pull out broom closets are considered compact designs for intelligent storage spaces. This means that you can save room in your home without having to compromise on space.

As a result of its sleek design, users can have a narrow pull out broom closet and still store a considerable amount of items. Additionally, these closets can be fitted with hooks to allow hanging things like:

  • Mops
  • Brooms
  • Scrubs
  • Tools
  • Kitchen equipment

Without excessively compromising on storage space for other items, it can also be used to house spare parts, repair equipment, and electronics. One can even install dividers to help you separate sections for specific item storage. Under-counter storage


Buying a free-standing cabinet or wardrobe that matches the type of design and color scheme of the house can be a difficult task. Even if you find it, you would have to pay an exuberant amount of money to purchase it, get it delivered to your house, and install it in the designated space—all for it to unnecessarily take up space in the home.

In contrast, a pull out broom closet blends in with the existing color of the walls. Moreover, it attaches as a single panel and covers the exterior portion. This eliminates the need for a specific color and design. So, as a result, users avoid spending money on big storage units and also save up on painting and redesigning.


Most people abuse their closet space by throwing items one atop the other. Filling it to the brim will clutter the mind. In some instances, things are jammed into the closet. This leads to an avalanche of items falling at your feet every time the closet door is opened.

In contrast, a pull out broom closet can be organized with the help of dividers. Using dividers ensures that everything is ideally in place, and you don’t have to go rummaging in a sea of items to find what you need.

Pull Out Broom Closet: The Game Changer

A pull out broom closet is becoming more of a need than a want. People are leaning towards having an aesthetic appeal to their homes, and there is nothing aesthetically pleasing about large furniture. It takes up half of the room, making the space feel smaller.

Shelf Genie offers the best pull out broom closet installing services in your home. This will give the space a more open feel while offering functionality in a cost-effective manner. Visit Shelf Genie today and streamline the design of your house, making it a welcoming space.

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