February 20, 2021

Pull Out Pantry Shelves DIY Ideas For Home Organization

Lots of people love static shelves for a pantry because they add storage and leave everything visible. Others, however, are happy to spend money on some slide-out pantry shelves for even better use of space. The pull-out shelving installation process may look daunting, but with a few key tips, it can be a fun and straightforward DIY project.So what is a pull-out pantry? It’s a thin pantry that actually “rolls out”, which is an incredible way to save storage space. It’s very convenient for those who don’t like bending over or reaching for items in the pantry, and it can also help increase space in your kitchen cabinets.Do you have any experience when it comes to pull-out pantry shelves DIY? What about how to build pull-out pantry shelves? Here is some advice on how to install roll-out pantry shelves.

Professional advice on how to install pull out pantry shelves

To successfully install the shelves all by yourself, please check the following steps

1. To Install Pull Out Pantry Shelves DIY: Measure Out The Wood

[caption id="attachment_5292" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Pull Out Pantry Shelves DIY: Measuring Out The Wood Learn how to measure the wood when building a pull-out pantry shelves DIY[/caption]If you are serious about a do-it-yourself project, there’s a good chance you will have to take a lot of measurements to get it right. Installing slide-out pantry shelves is no exception, and you should make sure that you have purchased enough wood for your pantry project. You should also take some time to decide on the right wood that makes sense for your kitchen or home. After this step, you should build the frame of the pantry. This part isn’t too difficult, and it usually involves affixing the wood with screws and wood glue. Double-check to make sure that the wood measurements match with the cabinets. Instead of constantly measuring, you may want to make marks on a scrap of wood for reference. This can be your “story stick” to help you with your pull-out pantry shelves DIY project.Once the wood is measured twice for good measure, you will want to cut the wood with either a hand saw or circular saw. At this point, you should also mark holes for screws and dowels to get started on your do-it-yourself pantry project!

2. Choosing Slides

If you are serious about the pull-out pantry shelves DIY experience, you will have to make an important decision regarding slides. You can choose ball bearings, which means that the pull-out pantry will extend out fully. This is great for families that are looking for as much space as possible when it comes to their wooden pantry shelves. They are trickier to install, so it might not be ideal if you don’t have much experience when it comes to how to build pull-out pantry shelves.While it might not be as elegant of a solution, there is also the option of roller slides. Roller slides glide on plastic walls, and they are also more affordable than ball bearings. If you are interested in a DIY project only because you are hoping to save money - then this is the best option. It is also easier to install roller slides, but there’s one catch: they only extend about 3/4th of the length. You should also take weight into consideration when choosing the slides on your slide-out pantry shelves.

3. Installing Pull Out Pantry Shelves DIY: The Shelves

At this point, you should measure out how many shelves you want for your roll-out pantry, and you should take height into consideration. For example, are you using the wooden pantry shelves for cereal boxes or just for small spice bottles? Either way, measure out your slide-out pantry shelves depending on your needs or preferences.The next step is to cut the dowels and add them both in front of the shelf and behind the shelf. Some individuals choose to use square dowels for their wooden pantry shelves, while others prefer circular dowels.At this point, it’s time to add the castor! One tip is to use a castor that doesn’t rotate in every direction for maximum convenience. A swivel caster may just end up causing more trouble than necessary. You may want to consider adding two casters so that your do-it-yourself pantry rolls out smoother, since having just one might be rough.

4. Make It Unique

What is a DIY project if you can’t add your own personality? There’s nothing wrong with standard wooden pantry shelves, but it is easy to add some colors or designs to make your roll-out pantry shelves fit with the rest of your style. Take some cues from your home décor or the colors in your kitchen.One of the easiest ways to make your do-it-yourself pantry a bit more interesting is to consider adding a unique knob or handle. There are all sorts of handles that you can choose from, and you might want to decide whether you are going for a sleek modern look or something a bit more vintage. Once the handle is added, you’ve now got your slide-out pantry shelves!

5. Installing Pull Out Pantry Shelves DIY: The Bottom Is the Beginning

Let’s say that you are absolutely obsessed with pull-out pantry shelves DIY, and plan on installing slide-out pantry shelves all over your kitchen. Where should you start? The strategy here is simple: plan on installing the roll-out pantry shelves closest to the bottom first. These roll-out pantry shelves near the bottom can help you and those that live with you to stop bending over and crouching in awkward positions to get what you need. Whether you are installing two roll-out pantry shelves, or ten, start at the bottom.

6. Dividing Wide Spaces

Let’s say that you have an extremely wide cabinet and are trying to figure out how to make sure that your pull-out pantry shelves DIY fit properly. One of the easiest things to do here is to simply replace full-width shelves with narrower rollouts side by side. It should be said that this does require some more work, but it might be worth it for those who enjoy do it yourself projects.You also might want to add some soft-close dampers so that the shelves are less clunky and less likely to slam closed. It’s better to have narrower roll-out pantry shelves than to deal with wider wooden pantry shelves. Larger and wider shelves can get damaged over time. What might be too “wide”? Well, you may want to think about two wooden pantry shelves for any cabinet over 30 inches wide.

Installing Pull Out Pantry Shelves DIY - Wrapping Up

Even if you are a do it yourself expert you are highly unlikely to build a pull-out pantry shelf, which is a masterpiece. In an ideal setting, your DIY style should complement your overall efforts rather than putting all the load on your DIY capabilities.Whether you are hoping to add some wooden pantry shelves for storage reasons or feel like undertaking a do-it-yourself project: you don’t have to be a DIY expert to get it done. It’s also a great way to save money since it likely won’t cost you much more than $100 or $150.Want to transform your pantry where there is more storage space, and everything is easily accessible? Book an appointment with us now.

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