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Edward Enslin


Edward Enslin - Indiana - ShelfGenie

Karen and Edward Enslin took over ShelfGenie of Indianapolis in January 2018 from the previous owners, who successfully ran the business in Indiana for the past 8 years. Originally from South Africa, they moved to Carmel, Indiana with their three children in 2015 to pursue an exciting opportunity, which subsequently led to us being introduced to ShelfGenie. At first, they were drawn to the product itself and the wonderful functionality of space management. They realized ShelfGenie would immediately eliminate the frustrations that so many people experience on a day-to-day basis in their most frequently used spaces, being the kitchen, pantry and bathroom areas of their home. They learned first hand about ShelfGenie’s exceptional customer service and quality through their custom design, manufacturing and installation process, which gave them the confidence to move ahead with ShelfGenie.

They’re excited to keep growing the ShelfGenie Brand and product. Their team of amazing Designers and Installers are at Indianapolis’ service to keep bringing professional smart space saving solutions to your home.