Pull-Out Trash Can

Keep the garbage out of sight with these pull-out trash cans

Even the most well-designed trash can is unsightly when sitting out in your kitchen. In addition to its less-than-appealing look, it can also get a little smelly. ShelfGenie has the perfect storage solution for your trash can dilemma. Our pull-out trash cans can be mounted directly on sliders and hidden within a cabinet so it’s out of sight, which can also help reduce odors.

Pull-out trash cans are just one part of our kitchen storage solutions that are designed to help you enjoy a well-organized kitchen. Not sure what pull-out trash can solution is best for your needs? The information below can help you choose the solution that best meets your needs.

What to Consider When Buying a Trash Bin Cabinet

There are few things to keep in mind when choosing a slide-out trash can for your kitchen. Certain cabinet frames are only designed to handle up to 20 pounds of trash. So, if you have a bigger family or need a larger trash can, other high-capacity options are available. However, if you don’t produce much trash on a daily and weekly basis, a smaller option (20 lb. capacity or less) should do.

It’s also important to choose a trash can that is sturdy enough to handle the volume of items you throw away. Steel or aluminum will be your stronger options, while plastic or other material should be enough to handle most trash items. Finally, if you live in an area that recycles glass, plastic, and cardboard items, consider a trash can option with separate compartments for waste and recycling items. We review how to ensure you choose the right size can below.

Measure Your Cabinet Space

Before buying your pull-out trash can, make sure that you properly measure your trash can cabinet or closet space. This will help you avoid buying a can that is too big or small for the space. Here are the steps to follow:

Transform your kitchen into one of the most well-organized rooms in your home with ShelfGenie's custom pull-out trash can, pantry solutions, and glide-out shelves. Then you’ll have a place for everything, and everything in its place. To learn more about all the great ShelfGenie storage options we have available, schedule a free consultation with one of our designers today!

Slide Out Trash Solutions

Tired of barring your guests from entering your kitchen? Tired of feeling ashamed of the mess or the smell of the trash? Tired of the bin falling over?

Want a small change that can make a huge difference? Keep it hidden

Classy and clean, that’s how I would like my kitchen or bathroom. So, a pull-out trash can is number one on my must-have list.

I’ve definitely dealt with my fair share of trying to keep guests from entering my kitchen or my dog from ransacking my kitchen bin. The site of the bin always seems to make a room less inviting.

ShelfGenie trash solutions make it easy to keep your kitchen or bathroom clean and fresh

A Dedicated Trash And Recycling Cabinet

Whether you love recycling or have strict recycling laws, having a dedicated cabinet makes things easier. Especially if you have a big family or you host often.

Compost or Instant Glow

I’d love to have a separate small compost bin for food waste. To use as fertilizer or to reuse fruit and veg scraps for beauty treatments for that instant glow. Zero waste and savings on beauty products.

ShelfGenie has a few interesting options to make this all possible. I share more on the different types and benefits of ShelfGenie Trash solutions, below.

What Are ShelfGenie Custom Made Pull-Out Trash Can Solutions?

ShelfGenie attaches their specially-designed, handcrafted, glide-out drawers to your cabinet drawers.

ShelfGenie can:

  • Create a dedicated cut-out drawer for trash bins
  • Cater for pain-points such as under-the-sink areas
  • Combine a front riser with your pull-out drawer
  • Create a customized solution for your unique space and requirements

Speak to a ShelfGenie designer if you have any unique requirements.

When Would You Use A Custom Made Pull-Out Trash Can Solution?

When you:

  • Want a dedicated cabinet for trash and recycling centre
  • Need to keep pets and pests away from the trash
  • Want to keep your kitchen neat and organized

Need a unique solution to cater for your cabinet space or requirements

What Are The Benefits Of ShelfGenie’s Custom Made Pull-Out Trash Can Solutions?

Types of ShelfGenie’s Custom Made Pull-Out Trash Can Solutions

Keep your trash out of sight but within reach.

You can easily convert your existing cabinet into a trash and recycling centre. With a ShelfGenie Pull-Out Trash Can solution, you won’t need to install new cabinets.

Shelfgenie offers different types of solutions…

Double Height Glide-Out Shelf With Front Riser

The double-height glide-out gives you more freedom to organize your cabinet. You can use the front built-in riser to store a small compost bin, bin liners, a dustpan, and more.

You could also use this option in your bathroom if you have extra cabinet space. The riser would be perfect to store a small sanitary bin.

Triple Height Glide-Out Shelf With Trash And Recycling Kit

The triple-height glide-out shelf is an ideal option for your kitchen. You can have the bins sitting in the drawers or you can have cut-outs to insert the bins into. Both options provide a sturdy solution.

Linen Storage

You could also insert wicker baskets into your customized Glide-Out drawers to store your linen.

Reverse Sloped Storage

The reverse sloped storage is suitable for pain points, like under-your-sink. It’s ideal for your bathroom, especially if you only have an under-the-sink cabinet.

ShelfGenie’s Custom Made Pull-Out Trash Can Solutions

ShelfGenie attaches their specially-designed, handcrafted, glide-out drawers to your cabinet drawers.

ShelfGenie can:

  • Hidden Trash. Keeps your mess out of sight and smell.
  • Easy pull-out access. No bending needed. This can be a great aid to those suffering from pain or physical difficulties.
  • Customized. Customizable pull-out drawers to suit your space and needs.
  • Organization. Keeps your space neat and uncluttered. A clutter-free space is an enjoyable space.

Modern and hygienic trash solutions help make life easier and cleaner. You will be proud to let your guests in your kitchen or bathroom.

Speak to a ShelfGenie designer if you have any unique requirements.

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