May 12, 2022

The Best Kids’ Bedroom Storage and Organization Ideas

These ingenious kid's bedroom storage and organizing ideas demonstrate that you may have it all: kids and a clean house.

Nothing gets messier faster than a kid’s bedroom. Children play, do homework, watch television, and relax in their bedrooms. Keeping them clean is a task, which leads many parents to search for kids' bedroom storage ideas.

When kids have access to the storage they need, it becomes routine and easier for them to clean up on their own. Regardless of bedroom size, children need storage solutions and space savers to help them stay organized, as adults do.

Knowing how to organize a child's small bedroom is key to staying on top of the ever-present mess. If you have been looking for kids’ bedroom storage ideas, you are in the right place!

Kids' Bedroom Storage Ideas

Most parents that have ever helped a child clean up a bedroom are dreaming of more storage. More places to store toys, blankets, and keepsakes that nobody wants to get rid of, but you cannot find a place for.

Kids like storage options as well. It gives them a sense of control when they can pick up their own things and put them away where they belong. Overall, it is a win for everyone! This list of kids' bedroom storage ideas is certain to motivate you to put your organization plan into action.

A Bed Frame with Drawers

Shopping for a bed frame with storage should be the first step in redecorating a kids' bedroom. Bed frames are now available in a wide variety of options, and drawers on the bottom of the frame are quite common.

You can utilize the storage space within those drawers to store bed sheets, stuffed animals, and the never-ending supply of miscellaneous toys. Regardless of where they are placed, drawers are always a good idea.

Glide-Out Drawers and Shelving

ShelfGenie’s drywall custom glide-out drawers and shelving

Kids can benefit greatly from glide-out drawers - especially attractive if you’re able to position these drawers on built-in shelves and/or in a closet nook. Books, toys, and movies can stack up high or wide, depending on how much space you have got. Working alongside a professional regarding kids’ bedroom shelving ideas is the best way to get the most out of your glide-out drawers while ensuring a quality installation.

Glide-out drawers and shelving looks polished and pulled together, even in a room where messes have a tendency to take over.

Floating Shelves

Installing custom-made floating shelving is another fantastic option for getting toys up off of the floor and into an organized space. Using floating shelves as a mini library is a super way to store books when they are not in use.

Books tend to multiply over time, and while it is essential to sort through them, you will probably find that you use most of them. This is where a miniature library comes in handy! If you have your floating shelves custom-made, you can order them to match your kids' bedroom furniture.

Storage Baskets

Stylish storage baskets are all the rage. Why? Because they look sleek even when they're holding a bunch of unorganized trucks or Barbies. From canvas to wicker, there is likely a storage basket or two out there that fits your decor style.

Storage baskets are available at most major retailers and in a variety of sizes. If this is the route you choose to take, you will have plenty of options.

A Functional Nightstand

A nightstand with storage or a drawer underneath is perfect to help keep things neat.

A nightstand takes up floor space, and therefore it should serve more than one purpose. In addition to holding a lamp and a few other belongings, such as an alarm clock or knick-knacks, it should also hold toys.

There is no need to adhere to the specific label of "nightstand" to use a piece of furniture as a nightstand. You can choose whatever shelving unit works for you and then go from there. Although there are kids' bedroom specialty stores that sell multi-use nightstands.

Wire Storage Baskets

Cage wire storage baskets can be easily mounted to the wall, they look adorable, and they get toys and books up off of the floor and into a designated area. You can find them at almost any local home store, and they are relatively easy to mount.

Wire baskets are fantastic in general because you can hang them or stack them neatly in a closet or corner.

Rolling Storage Carts

A rolling storage cart is a super addition to bedroom organization. Children can roll it around to where they want it to be, instead of taking everything out of it.

Rolling storage carts are perfect for art and school supplies. They tuck neatly away into corners, and they come in a variety of sizes and colors. Rolling carts help kids understand how to pick up after themselves, and supply them with a sense of a job well done in the process. It is a great addition to your kids' bedroom storage and organization ideas.

Vertical Storage

Storage to the sky is a fantastic way to keep toys and books organized without losing living space.

In tight spaces with a lot of furniture and toys, vertical storage is essential. From floating and corner shelves to canvas pouch storage, going up instead of out is the right choice.

Shoes, books, clothing, toys, and artwork can go into storage pouches, while shelves can hold almost anything you wish. Vertical storage, in any form, is a lifesaving organization tactic.

Cube Organizers

Cube organizers are super for books, clothes, shoes, and more! They are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

While not the most revolutionary of kids' organization tools, you cannot go wrong with a cube organizer. They come in so many shapes and sizes, allowing you to create a shelving system of your very own.

Color is rarely an issue for cube organizers, as a wide variety remains available at various retailers. Cubes can store stuffed animals, books, and clothing. Smaller, loose toys can go in storage bins that fit neatly into the squares.

Changing the Kids' Bedroom Organization Game

ShelfGenie understands how difficult it can be for parents to keep their kids' bedrooms organized. In order to do so, we need help from the kids, and if they are having trouble understanding where everything goes, the organization comes to a screeching halt.

Built-in shelving and custom storage plans are just what you need to keep your kids' bedroom looking fresh. In many cases, our dedicated team can see storage solutions where you might have missed them.

We offer free consultations and are happy to discuss the space that you need to organize. Don't wallow in a messy, toy tornado for a moment longer. Contact us today for more information!

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