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We pride ourselves on having the best quality Glide-Out shelves available to homeowners. Our process, service and dedicated team of professionals are simply unmatched in the business.

Kathy Coffman


Kathy-Koffman-Dallas ShelfGenie

I live in Allen, TX, I have been married for 40 years.  Between us we have 5 grown children with many grandchildren and even great grandchildren.  Our families live in Pittsburgh, TN and Montana.

I have been with Shelf Genie since 2008 when it was making the transition from Shelf Conversions.  I have seen the company grow from a handful of employees in the BSC, to what it is today.

When I can make my clients happy it makes me happy.  I love meeting them and establishing a connection that I can relate to.  If I didn’t believe in our Customer Service and the quality of our product I wouldn’t of been here this long.