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Nick Starkey


Nick Starkey - Omaha -ShelfGenie

Nick grew up in the Schuyler/Columbus area, often helping out with the family farms. He lived in Lincoln and worked as a superintendent in the residential new-construction industry until the housing bubble burst in 2008. He opened Bear Creek Construction in Omaha in 2009, which he owned and operated until recently.

Shortly after opening Bear Creek, Nick was contacted by the original ShelfGenie of Omaha Franchisee and became a ShelfGenie Installer. Nick served as an installer for four years before buying the ShelfGenie of Omaha franchise in 2013. Nick and his business partner Jay Durmaskin, purchased two additional ShelfGenie franchises, in Des Moines and Minneapolis-St. Paul. After five years of growing those markets, they sold Des Moines and the Twin Cities in 2019, choosing to focus on growing the Eastern Nebraska/ Western Iowa market. It also allows Nick to spend more time as an Installer, which he prefers over staying in the office.

Every ShelfGenie Installer must attend training at the corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Nick serves as one of two teachers who train installers from across the country. In addition to being a leader among ShelfGenie’s Installers, Nick has also led the Franchisees, having previously served as the President of the system’s Franchise Advisory Council (FAC). He has also been a member of several national ShelfGenie committees. Nick lives in Omaha, Nebraska, and spends his free time with his daughter Miah. Nick’s interests include woodworking, gardening and cooking. He still appreciates the hugs and fresh-baked cookies offered by his happy clients after a clean, quick and accurate Glide-Out shelving installation.