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Sharon Proser-Moser


sharon prosser - columbus - ShelfGenie

Previous to joining the Columbus ShelfGenie team as a Design Consultant, I literally grew up, working 30 years, for a national “Big Box” retailer. My career culminated post a decade as a local, Vice President Store Manager with the organization. My passion was negotiating on behalf of our consumer and taking action to translate our clients feedback into an improved reality.

I am an advocate for ShelfGenie for many reasons. For one, I began as a client. Upon retirement, I recovered time with family and friends. Then, I set out to invest in my home. I reorganized every neglected cabinet, closet, and file and reclaimed the kitchen. In doing so, I realized that cooking was not defined by 30 years of 15-minute meals aside wasting 15 minutes searching for cookware and ingredients. The ShelfGenie team welcomed my kitchen challenges and then designed and installed a “Glide-Out Sanctuary” for my pots and pans, cooking utensils and trash recycling. Cooking is now such a joy and an occasion with my two grown sons and relatives.

Now that I am a ShelfGenie Design Consultant, I am truly bridging my love of home organization with my personal ShelfGenie experience. I can attest that the product does transform how we live. I treasure each client interaction and look forward to customizing ShelfGenie solutions that will translate your home goals into your improved reality.