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ShelfGenie of Seattle

ShelfGenie of Seattle

We pride ourselves on having the best quality Glide-Out shelves available to homeowners. Our process, service and dedicated team of professionals are simply unmatched in the business.

Upcoming Events

  • January 27, 2022 - January 30, 2022
    Tacoma Home Show
    Event Location:
    Tacoma Dome
    2727 S D St, Tacoma, WA 98402
  • January 28, 2022 - January 30, 2022
    Northwest Remodeling Expo
    Event Location:
    Washington State Convention Center Halls 4 E&F
    800 Convention Place, Seattle, WA 98101
  • February 09, 2022 - February 13, 2022
    Northwest Flower and Garden Show
    Event Location:
    Washington State Convention Center
    705 PIKE STREET, SEATTLE, WA 98101
  • February 17, 2022 - February 20, 2022
    Seattle RV Show
    Event Location:
    Lumen Field Event Center
    1000 Occidental Ave S Seattle, WA 98134

Everything Within Reach

ShelfGenie custom Glide-Out shelves are the best way to eliminate common frustrations in the kitchen, pantry, and bath. Our custom-designed storage solutions add more space, more organization, and more accessibility to your existing cabinets.

Our Team

Meet your local team of experienced ShelfGenie Designers and Installers who are ready to help you eliminate pain points in your kitchen, pantry, and bath.

Our Corporate Team

  • Noelee Loeffelbein

    Noelee Loeffelbein

    “First of all, my name is pronounced “Noel-EE” :). I’ve always liked helping people, starting with being a teacher’s assistant in 5th grade for younger kids...
  • Leslie Kennison

    Leslie Kennison

    My experience in custom storage and kitchen and bathroom design for over a decade allows me to bring a practiced eye to your home...
  •  Andrew Hemphill

    Andrew Hemphill

    “I’ve worked in the construction and maintenance field off and on for the past 15 years. I recently separated with full honor after 7 years with the US Coast Guard as a Marine Science Technician...
  • Sophia Alexander

    Sophia Alexander

    Organization had been something I’ve had a knack for since I was little, and having film background in production and set design, I know I can set the stage for any home...
  • Barbara Badolati

    Barbara Badolati

    “Having a background in ergonomics, fengshui (the art of placement) and professional organizing I blend my creativity, knowledge, and love of people so each client receives a customized solution that meets their specific needs and desires...
  • Beth Siragusa

    Beth Siragusa

    “I have always had an innate ability to visualize how things can work better in a space. Working with ShelfGenie gives me the perfect opportunity to use this talent to help you to create an organized space that makes you feel joy!...
  • Candace Anderson

    Candace Anderson

    With over 50 years in the creative arts I bring a unique approach to design and space planning, including Universal Design, for those with physical challenges...
  • Mike Bowman

    Mike Bowman

    I have always looked for opportunities to add value to others. Working with ShelfGenie gives me a chance to turn one’s frustration at home into a solution they will love for years to come...
  • Alan Regala

    Alan Regala

    “I’ve always had a passion for problem solving and helping others. ShelfGenie is the perfect opportunity to do both of these- explore the needs of our clients and create meaningful solutions that are much better than our clients think are possible...
  • Theresa Bowman

    Theresa Bowman

    I have a history of combining people and the final product. This can be in music, engineering, or personal projects...
  • Kathy Osler

    Kathy Osler

    Having downsized from a large house to a condo, I have first-hand knowledge of the frustration associated with a lack of storage, accessibility and underutilized spaces...
  • David Sturtz

    David Sturtz

    I am life-long Washington State native that has lived in Bellingham my whole life. I grew up surrounded by the construction industry with a plumbing contractor grandfather, pipefitter father, architect uncle, and other family members in the trades...
  • Robbie Bothwell

    Robbie Bothwell

    “I’m an original ShelfGenie of Seattle team member (started in 2010), and in my many years of installing,..
  • Justin Jay

    Justin Jay

    “I’ve been in the cabinet industry for 12 years, gaining vast experience in commercial and residential cabinetry as well as project management...

What Our Customers Say

  • “The process was easy, the designer and installer were both terrific"

    “The process was easy, the designer and installer were both terrific. I appreciated the automated text notifications as the materials made their way through the process of getting to me. This was an all-around positive experience and the glide-outs in use in my kitchen are a game-changer. It was worth every penny!”
    Aimee Pierce
  • “These shelf glides are the best thing we've ever done to our kitchen”

    “These shelf glides are the best thing we've ever done to our kitchen. They are beautiful and easy to use and are helping to save wear and tear on our cabinets and the dishes, appliances and other items we have stored in them. Wish we had added them years ago. The ShelfGenie team was a pleasure to work with. Professional, pleasant and very good at what they do. Highly recommend them!!”
    Kathy and Larry Ice
  • “We love it so much we are calling to schedule three more shelf transformations to be completed ASAP!!”

    “The team was most responsive and very engaging from the design ideas and planning to the measurement and installation. Our kitchen is so much more efficient and user friendly!! We love it so much we are calling to schedule three more shelf transformations to be completed ASAP!!”
    Jane D
  • “I no longer need to get on the floor to reach a pan that is way out of sight!!!”

    “I am very pleased with ShelfGenie's solution for my “blind Corners" I have so much more room and can reach everything easily. I no longer need to get on the floor to reach a pan that is way out of sight!!!”
    Patty S. Bremerton


  • Design Consultant

    ShelfGenie, the national leader in the custom storage solutions industry, is seeking talented Design Consultants to deliver outstanding in-home presentations to our clients. Being a ShelfGenie Design Consultant means you’re selling a nationally recognized home improvement brand while running your own local business. With ShelfGenie, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.
  • Installation Partner

    ShelfGenie is looking for Installation Partners who are already talented craftsmen and know their way around a toolbox, square and level. This is not a 9-5 “job” but rather the chance to grow your business alongside ours. Installers receive a percentage of the net cost of the job to install Glide-Outs™. Another advantage to working with ShelfGenie is the additional work that many of our Installers receive from our clients.

Payment Options

ShelfGenie offers multiple payment plan options in most locations. Ask your local designer for full details.

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