We pride ourselves on having the best quality Glide-Out shelves available to homeowners. Our process, service and dedicated team of professionals are simply unmatched in the business.

Our Custom Solutions

ShelfGenie custom Glide-Out shelves are the best way to eliminate common frustrations in the kitchen, pantry, and bath. Our custom-designed storage solutions add more space, more organization, and more accessibility to your existing cabinets.

ShelfGenie of Seattle’s Display Kitchen Walk-Thru


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Discover Some of ShelfGenie’s More Popular Solutions!

These are just a few examples of solutions we’ve created for clients.  There is much more possible than what is shown, and the best way to discover what makes sense for you and your space is to book a complimentary Design Consultation.

Our Team

Meet your local team of experienced ShelfGenie Designers and Installer who are ready to help you eliminate pain points in your kitchen, pantry, and bath.

Alan Regala ShelfGenie of Seattle

Alan Regala

Director of Client Happiness

“I’ve always had a passion for problem solving and helping others. ShelfGenie is the perfect opportunity to do both of these- explore the needs...

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Noelee Loeffelbein - Seattle - M

Noelee Loeffelbein

Marketing & Operations

“First of all, my name is pronounced “Noel-EE” :). I’ve always liked helping people, starting with being a teacher’s assistant in 5th grade for...

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Sophia Alexander

Design Consultant

Organization had been something I’ve had a knack for since I was little, and having film background in production and set design, I know...

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Robbie-Bothwell-ShelfGenie of Seattle

Robbie Bothwell


“I’m an original ShelfGenie of Seattle team member (started in 2010), and in my many years of installing, I’ve encountered everything from the simplest...

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LeslieKennison-ShelfGenie of Seattle

Leslie Kennison


My experience in custom storage and kitchen and bathroom design for over a decade allows me to bring a practiced eye to your home....

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Justin-Jay - ShelfGenie of Seattle

Justin Jay

Design Consultant / Installer

“I’ve been in the cabinet industry for 12 years, gaining vast experience in commercial and residential cabinetry as well as project management. I’m dedicated...

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Christina-Becerra Seattle Designer

Christina Becerra

Design Consultant

“Being in an organized space allows people to feel more peaceful at home. Bringing others joy through organization has always brought me joy. Whether...

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David Sturtz ShelfGenie of Seattle

David Sturtz

Design Consultant / Installer

I am life-long Washington State native that has lived in Bellingham my whole life.  I grew up surrounded by the construction industry with a...

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Candace Anderson

ShelfGenie Designer

With over 50 years in the creative arts I bring a unique approach to design and space planning, including Universal Design, for those with...

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Beth-Siragusa - Seattle

Beth Siragusa

Design Consultant

“I have always had an innate ability to visualize how things can work better in a space. Working with ShelfGenie gives me the perfect...

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Stephanie Herzog ShelfGenie of Seattle

Stephanie Herzog

Design Consultant

As an interior designer and Certified Aging-In-Place specialist, I am always looking at how to improve the quality of an owner’s experience in their...

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Barbara-Badolati - Seattle

Barbara Badolati

Design Consultant

“Having a background in ergonomics, fengshui (the art of placement) and professional organizing I blend my creativity, knowledge, and love of people so each...

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Andrew-Hemphill Seattle

Andrew Hemphill


“I've worked in the construction and maintenance field off and on for the past 15 years. I recently separated with full honor after 7...

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Tristan Aho ShelfGenie Designer

Tristan Aho


Organization has always been something that has been incredibly important to me throughout my entire life.  It has been my experience that when I’ve...

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“Extremely professional workers. They were on time, did what they were supposed to do, didn’t leave a mess and the product is wonderful! So happy that I got the shelves done and will do more in the future!”

– Judy R. Tacoma, WA


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