Fort Lauderdale

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the health and safety of your family and our staff, ShelfGenie of Fort Lauderdale is now offering virtual design consultations to continue serving our loyal clients. 

We pride ourselves on having the best quality Glide-Out shelves available to homeowners. Our process, service and dedicated team of professionals are simply unmatched in the business.

Bryan Dahn


Bryan grew up in South Florida and attended Monsignor Pace High School then earned his bachelors in finance at St. Johns University in New York City. After spending a decade working in supply chain for heavy manufacturing facilities in Alabama and earning an MBA from Vanderbilt, he decided it was time to return home to South Florida.

In 2019 Bryan began looking for businesses to join that matched his personal and professional goals. When he first spoke to the folks at ShelfGenie, he was impressed with the products and immediately saw how they could tremendously improve the usefulness of ones kitchen; but when he met the people of ShelfGenie, he realized he had found his home. ShelfGenie’s motto of taking daily frustrations and turning them into joy is not just lip service, it is a way of life. He is excited to be a part of this team.

Let Bryan and the ShelfGenie of Fort Lauderdale team help you get EVERYTHING WITHIN REACH™.