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Linda Powell

Owner and Designer

Linda Powell - Raleigh & Charlotte - ShelfGenie

Linda has truly enjoyed her career as a Designer/Owner with ShelfGenie of Raleigh and Charlotte. Though she never had true sales experience, she found that ShelfGenie offered the opportunity to help others which is something she loves doing. Raising 4 children, she spent a lot of time in the kitchen and knows how ShelfGenie products bring efficiency and organization to the kitchen and other areas of the home. It has been a natural fit!

She has a BSBA degree with a concentration in Finance from Appalachian State University. She has spent time working in the Banking Industry, the Federal Government and as an Executive Assistant to the franchise owner of both Applebee’s and Burger King restaurants.

Linda’s true passion is family. She is happily married to Dan Powell (owner of ShelfGenie of Raleigh and Charlotte and business partners with Andy and Suzette Pittman). She works hard along with Dan to help fund college educations and other dreams. She enjoys helping the 4 children achieve their goals. With 3 in college next fall and one headed for marriage, life is pretty busy but fun. She enjoys traveling, shopping with the girls, exercising and being a part of a great church family as well.