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San Antonio Pantry Solutions Improve Space and Organization

The pantry can be one of the hardest places in your kitchen to get and keep organized. If you have been struggling with how to get control of your pantry, it is time to call ShelfGenie of San Antonio for pantry solutions.  ShelfGenie of San Antonio pantry solutions will provide you with the increased space and organization you have been dreaming of.

ShelfGenie of San Antonio pantry solutions can increase space in your pantry by as much as 50%. It may seem hard to believe, but it’s true. Traditional, stationary pantry shelving just doesn’t meet the needs of most homeowners. They are often placed at the wrong height, and generally aren’t the right depth, to hold all the items you commonly store in your pantry.

When you call ShelfGenie of San Antonio for pantry solutions, we will work with you to choose the perfect combination of sliding shelves to meet your organizational needs. Our pantry solutions are deeper than stationary shelves which automatically increases storage space in your San Antonio pantry. With ShelfGenie of San Antonio pantry solutions, you can place your pull out shelves at any height you desire. This not only increases the number of shelves in your pantry, it also increases storage space. 

Many San Antonio homeowners who get pantry solutions from ShelfGenie opt to install a combination of single and double height sliding shelves in their pantry. Double height sliding shelf pantry solutions are ideal for holding those taller items that have a tendency to tip over. Items like cereal boxes, bottles of soda or cleaning supplies are perfect for storing on the double height pantry solution in your San Antonio home. Single height pantry solutions can hold nearly any item and can also be placed closer together when holding shorter items like canned goods.

Let ShelfGenie of San Antonio show you all the ways that our pantry solutions can be used to create an organized and easy to use pantry. To schedule your free in home consultation, please call (888) 663-3818.