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Christina Becerra

Design Consultant

Christina-Becerra Seattle Designer

“Being in an organized space allows people to feel more peaceful at home. Bringing others joy through organization has always brought me joy. Whether it’s meditation or customizing a kitchen space, there are many ways to have peace. Growing up in Southern California, I loved the feeling of walking through in the mountains or having a fire on the beach. The elements of earth, water, air, and fire helped me feel more connected to my own sense of inner peace. Practicing massage and studying nutrition lead to me to ask the greater question: ‘How do we really care for ourselves and be empowered to have peace whenever we choose?’ When I found a metaphysical school that offered personal empowerment tools, I knew I wanted to share these tools with others. When I’m not designing more efficient spaces for people to have more joy using them, I’m teaching classes and offering energy modalities to sustain a peaceful space within.” –Christina Becerra