Cynthia Comito

Owner and Designer

cynthia comito - san diego - shelfgenie

I spent my entire career with one company, and when I left my job I took time to reflect on what prompted me to stay with one company so long. The answer came quickly to me: I stayed because my job mattered, and I loved the fact that what I did helped people. I get that from my parents, they were quick to help others.
So, as I looked to begin a new chapter in my life I knew that whatever I did, the job had to mean something to me. ShelfGenie was the perfect fit. I love home improvement – ShelfGenie fits that bill; I love working with people and coming up with solutions to problems – ShelfGenie fits that bill; and I love doing something that matters – ShelfGenie definitely fits that bill.
My passion is for people, and making a difference – knowing that ShelfGenie of San Diego can make a difference in someone’s life, making their homes more functional, easing the frustrations we feel when accessing our items, and putting everything within reach – that is what I love to do.